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i don’t know about you but i always find december to be an odd time in my biz.

of course the fact that it is christmas and it’s school holidays automatically makes things super busy for life in general! and then for some businesses it is the busiest season for sales and promotions, so that adds another layer of crazy to the season!

but it is also the end of one year and the start of a new year and that can be quite unsettling, mentally and emotionally.

i always feel like my brain is in two places; on one hand i want to get all of my goals and plans for the year completed… i want to finish off the year with a bang. but on the other hand i’ve got my head in the clouds already dreaming and planning for the new year. it’s like there is one foot in 2014 and one foot in 2015!

the thing that helps me most is to be constantly writing all of the stuff that is going on in my head down on paper. if i don’t write it down (to get it out of my system) it just swirls around on my mind all the time.

my desk is full of colourful printable planners full of thoughts, ideas, questions, answers, and more. this is the time of year that i start really thinking about where i’ve been and where i’m going next.

last year i launched the bizplantastic workbook, which is a compilation of the custom printable planners, organizers, and brainstorming sheets that i created for use in my own biz. it is also a compilation of the business planning strategies i have studied and experimented with over the years.

but there was one important piece missing from the workbook: reflection.

i spent a lot of time at the end of last year reflecting on the year and setting biz resolutions for myself. i shared those biz resolutions here on the blog. it was a big part of my process for working out my vision for 2014, because we cannot move forward until we understand where we’ve been.

think about it: your biz plan is simply your map... the map that will take you towards the big vision you have for your biz. but you don't just start the journey in the middle! you need to know the road so far.

and the first time around i didn’t include that process in the workbook! silly.

this is what the process looks like now, with reflection included...

this year i am releasing a new version of bizplantastic which contains an entirely new section on reflection, as well as 7 new printables along with instruction for how to use them in your biz. it also includes a number of new tips and strategies that you can use while planning for your biz.

i really believe that you have to plan your way. you have to be you, you have to do what works for you. if that means jotting down ideas in pretty notebook, do it. if you’d rather do your planning online using apps, do that. 

but if you can, start with reflection. think of what you can learn, celebrate, release, change, evaluate, and adjust. think about the journey you have been on already before you decide where you want to step next.

reflection: looking back so that the view looking forward is even clearer.

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