recommended resources | pinterest advantage, blog topics, and ebook discounts

hi all! i have a few awesome resources to tell you about... from some of my favorite online friends.

pinterest advantage*

andreea ayers from launch. grow. joy. has an awesome new online course out called pinterest advantage. if you have been wanting to incorporate pinterest into your online marketing plan but are just not sure what you need to do to make your efforts worthwhile, to actually see results for your biz, then this course is the perfect solution. pop over to have look at what's inside by clicking here.

and if you want a taste of how andreea and pinterest advantage can help you, sign up for her free pinterest webinar and get awesome tips you can implement right away!

blog topics*

if you have been following build a little biz for any length of time at all you know i am a huge fan of blogging as a marketing tool for building your little biz. the key of course is coming up with topics to blog about (once you have something to write about, you can just imaging chatting with your favorite customer at the front of your shop, and write like you talk!)

if you are one who struggles coming up with blog topics you must take a look at this awesome product from chris brogan. 10 blog topics per week, for 45 weeks, sent straight to your inbox. this is going to save you time, solve your writers block, and get your creative juices flowing. find out all the details by clicking here.

(i get chris brogan's weekly newsletter and i ALWAYS walk away from that feeling so inspired. because of that i am confident that the blog topics emails will be awesome!)

and if you are reading this and thinking "i really need to get going with a blog for my biz but i have no idea where to start" then you might want to take a look at the blog topics master class. 16 weeks of intensive help, lessons, tutorials, promotion, and more. you will finally be able to tick 'start a blog for my biz' off your to do list! yay! click here to read more about the master class.

33% off promotion

thanks to my lovely friend prerna's 33rd birthday, all build a little biz ebooks (along with many others) are on offer for 33% off. have a look at the amazing selection of resources that she has lined up for us here. and use ' buildalittlebiz ' as a discount code on any of my ebooks (see them all here.)

phew! have FUN building your biz =)

*affiliate link. if you purchase a product from my link you support build a little biz as you build YOUR biz. this helps to keep awesome free content in the blog, toolbox, and facebook page! i am only an affiliate/sponsor for people and products i love, and i only recommend things that i believe in.