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Startup Small, Dream Big, Grow Fast Telesummit

If you could work for yourself, in your time, on your turf and make six figures or more, wouldn't you want to know how to achieve that? 

No matter how small your business, you can do what you love, work less and reach your entrepreneurial dream and you can do it in less time than you think. 

In other words you can start up small, dream big, and grow fast.

I am so excited to be one of NINE speakers participating in a

fantastic online telesummit,

showing you how to do this, for free!

Kate Engler, Susan Preston, Karen Gunton, Annemarie Cross, Lisa Bloom, Susan Andrewes, Kerri Baruch, Sharon Crawford and Aina Notoa - These nine highly successful women solo entrepreneurs from around the world have chosen to come together to ignite new possibilities in your entrepreneurial brain and reveal the most effective strategies they know for increasing your visibility and profitability without compromising on the lifestyle you promised yourself.

Over three massive days, they're presenting this FREE, live, online telesummit from

Monday, August 27th to Wednesday, August 29th.

And all you need to do, to ensure you can get in, is reserve your spot before they're all gone. To do so, just