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awesome news: B-school enrollment is open!

go here to learn more, marie has detailed exactly what you’ll learn -- and what you won't -- in this 8 week training to help you leverage your online presence for more sales and more impact.

i know i have been talking about this a lot, and honestly it is because i know how biz-changing and life-changing it is. i am going to bare it all and tell my story...

last year at this time i was still running my photography business, but i was on a major low. i had had a very successful couple of years, but pregnancy and then a new baby, left me without my mojo, and it just didn't work any more in my life. so i had a business that wasn't doing anything, and a blog that i LOVED but wasn't really a business. i was cruising a long, trying to figure it all out, when b-school opened.

when i first heard about b-school i was like "woah! $2000 is too much to invest in my biz." ironically, around the same time i had been thinking about investing in a $2000 thermomix, and i had this moment of clarity. i was about to invest the same amount in kitchen appliance. but i wouldn't invest in myself? my dream? my passion? my purpose here? that moment was a huge wake up call. the kitchen appliance can wait. my dreams cannot.

one of the other things i was worried about was that b-school would be the same stuff i already knew i had to do, that i wouldn't really learn anything. (afterall i was mentoring other women on how to do these strategies for their biz! but of course, i wasn't putting the time into my own biz.)  the thing i discovered was when i invested financially in my biz i also invested emotionally. i invested my time! i did the work. and because it took it so seriously i saw results. (and i still learned so many new things in new ways!)

this is what happened thanks to B-school. i focused on my strengths, found my spark, and embraced my multi-passionate nature - i figured out how to build ONE business that would allow me to do the work that i was best suited to do (and i was able to walk away from the photography biz that wasn't working any more). because of that i got my joy back. because of that i got my joy back, and i felt a new sense of purpose and authenticity.

since finishing b-school last july i have been on fire: adding new income streams to my biz, doubling my subscriber rate, connecting with more of my right people, increasing my public profile... it has been awesome! in july-dec i earned as much as i had in the entire year previous and i am set to double that again in these next 6 months.  (so the investment was well worth it, i earned it back and then some in in just one month.) as an added bonus, the b-school community has been a really incredible network to be a part of. some of my profit is directly linked to people i met because of being in b-school. 

this is what another biz builder told me last week when we were talking about how excited we were to do b-school all over again this time. (yep, because we are members for life and it is that good.)

At the risk of sounding like a cliché I can honestly say that doing B-School has changed my life.  Marie reminded me about so many things and she helped me get my mojo back and to start believing in myself again.  As did the awesomely inspiring group of women in her tribe that B-School connected me with.  As someone who has an MBA & 15 years serious marketing experience under my belt I wondered if I really needed to do this – I did!  The simplicity is perfect, the way it makes you think and focus is totally what I needed.  She absolutely taught me things I just didn't know about starting a business, and she reminded me that I have work my butt off to succeed – but that I can totally do it.  Seriously, with 3 pre-schoolers, I didn't think I'd be Rich, Happy & Hot again but I am going to be very soon – thanks in a big way to Marie.  She is a gorgeous sharing spirit and I can't rave enough about her and this course. - Kate

if you're wondering if B-School is right for you, scroll down to the bottom of this page, in her classic no BS fashion, she addresses virtually EVERY concern or question you have. here are a few i have been asked:

  • YES it is good for both product & service based businesses (if you sell online this is for you) - you will have to apply the instructions to your biz, of course - but i found the facebook groups so helpful with this, you can join one for your niche or type of biz. plus for my support group i am there to help you apply the info to your specific biz.
  • YES it is good for both NEW and ESTABLISHED businesses - if you haven't (or have just barely) started your biz this is going to help you get started and do it right, no wasting any more time bumbling around! if you have a biz already this is going to help you take it to the next level, earn more, tweak & hone. if you don't even have a biz yet but know you want one, there is an awesome bonus called start the right biz (i have a biz already and that bonus helped me!)
  • YES it is good for people anywhere around the world. i live in australia and i can say that the aussie b-school group is AWESOME and i know there are many other country specific & city specific groups out there. trust me when i say that the network for b-school is as valuable as the program itself
  • time - last year i committed to about 2 hours a week to do the modules - plus i listened to the office hours calls while i was walking/cleaning etc. - this time i am going to put aside extra time to chat & network with other bschoolers - a bit of time each day - and then a solid 2-3 hour chunk on the weekend where i can just focus on my biz & my dream.

if you want to chat about your biz and whether b-school is right for you, do not hesitate to email. or phone me! i have had some awesome phone calls this week =)

full disclosure: i am an affiliate partner to b-school, so i earn a commission when you sign up using my link. as a thank you for supporting build a little biz, and as a way to make this even more valuable to you (because i know what a huge investment it is) i am offering over $550 in bonuses.

  • one-on-one skype session  ($250 value) - brainstorming/mentoring/unstucking.... essentially this is specific, one-on-one help from me to implement b-school and rock your biz plans
  • membership to the building site + the private build a little biz b-school group ($100 value) - this means you get ongoing help from me plus the help and experience of many other women in biz
  • the full set of build a little biz workbooks ($200+ value) - these will help you to implement the b-school modules and take your strategies to the next step: building your list, your blog, your brand; honing in on your own spark, your ideal client, your product benefits, differentiating yourself in the marketplace; plus 188 marketing ideas, facebook marketing & coming soon: visual marketing.


because of the time i devote to my b-school biz builders (the skype sessions & the group support) i can only offer these bonuses to the people who sign up for my link. there are a lot of bonuses on offer from other coaches. mentors, and biz experts - so do shop around! but if you decide that these bonuses are the right ones for you then make sure you click this link in order to enroll:

P.S. we have not heard when b-school will be open again. marie has only ever offered it once a year, so i predict that it will not be open again until 2014. knowing what i know now, i am SO GLAD i jumped in and just did it. my dreams, my happiness, my success were all worth it. yours are too.

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