reader question | how did you get to where you are now?


build a little biz is about to turn 2 years old. this is hugely amazing to me, because i started this blog as a bit of ‘fun on the side’!

i am quite often asked “how did you get to where you are now?” or “how did you grow build a little biz into such a ‘go to’ resource?” so this seems like a perfect time to share…

i did not start out in any sort of business. once upon a time i was a teacher. then we had a baby, i took time off teaching and we moved from canada to australia. to occupy my time i taught myself photography, editing, and design, and by the time i had a second baby i had people asking me “how much do you charge?”

so started a business without having a clue about starting a business. i just liked creating pretty images for people. it got to the point where i realized i either needed to start fresh and start a real photography business or just keep photography as a hobby. i decided to go for it, and because i am a teacher/lifelong student i immersed myself into learning about biz. i rebranded, relaunched, and refocused my energy into my photography biz.

and that worked. my biz went from strength to strength, once i got serious about it (and stopped treating it like a glorified hobby). and i found i had a real passion for business. so i decided to start build a little biz as a place to share everything i was learning and trying with other mums who were also wanting to create a real business for themselves. i didn’t have any sort of a plan, i just had this huge gut feeling that i needed to share this information with others.

build a little biz started out with one fan – my mom. i told myself “six months. i will blog and share stuff for six months and if no one cares then at least i can say i gave it a go.”

helping people

i didn’t do anything special to grow build a little biz, there is no secret recipe. it didn't happen over night, it took time and genuine interaction. i talk to people. i post consistently on the blog and aim to share actionable information that will truly help others. i engage with people on the facebook page in a genuine way. i answer every question i get asked and respond to every email. i am present. and i am authentically me. i have embraced my own voice and style and i think my true fans feel like they connect to me because of that. 

finding my ‘thing’

as time has gone on i have found products and services that i could offer that would help people. i let my ‘right people’ drive my product development. when people say “i wish i knew how to…” or “i want to be able to…” or “i would love it if…” i listen, and i think about how i can help them get to that ideal reality. i don’t always get it right, but i have learnt that when i offer something that fits with my own passion and that i truly believe my right people will love it is sooooo much easier to market & sell. so i am focusing on that sweet spot.


when i started i had no idea that build a little biz would become my passion. but when i listen to my gut i know this is what i am meant to be doing. this place is the perfect intersection of my instinct to teach & help others, my love of creating things that stand out, and my tell it like it is nature that helps people get unstuck. so to that end, i am closing the doors on my photography biz and turning this little ‘side thing’ into my real thing. it is scary to make a change but there is no point in keeping everything the same - no point in trying to market products and services i am not excited about, that don't fit my life, or that are a complete drag to get done.

getting real

change is freaking scary. i have wrestled with what i want to do and where i want to go for months now. i all but deleted my photography biz site so that i could have a blank slate to build on. i signed up to do B-school so that i could learn and be coached. i have surveyed my readers and talked to my right people. i have invested in myself and in my business, so that i can grow it in a way that will be fulfilling to me, be of service to others, and be profitable. because i am not a volunteer. i am a business owner.

and so here we are. 2 years from when i published my first blog post (which i am sure only my mom read). build a little biz will have a few changes coming in the next weeks – i want to share more examples of what real business owners are doing to stand out and find success; i plan to come up with some new products & services to help you all SHINE; and my whole mission will be to help you find your ‘thing’, your own spark that will connect with your ‘right people’ and make marketing fun (not scary or yucky as i so often hear!)

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and thank you. each one of you has become a part of this amazing community of talented, genuine, passionate business builders. i am so freaking proud of us all – we are doing awesome things!