do you need to {re}ignite your spark?

i was very honoured and thrilled to be invited to present at the virtual artful business conference this morning. my key note address was all about igniting your spark.

your spark is that hard to define, unique bit of YOUness that is intertwined into your business. it is found in that sweet spot between you, your product or purpose, and the people you wish to serve. it is that thing that allows you to be awesome with and within your biz.

i have talked quite a bit about finding your spark and what it means to shine here on the blog and i encourage you to work on this too - it can make a huge difference to your marketing efforts, your ability to attract your most awesome people, your confidence and satisfaction with your business, and it can help you stand out with your brand!

here are some resources to help you find your spark...

make a date with your business. take a little time to re-ignite your spark, or to ignite it for the first time.

it might be just the thing that helps your business shine.