perhaps it is time to redefine the word 'little'

over at the building site, we got into an awesome discussion one day about overcoming perceptions that our businesses were somehow less important than others. we also chatted about the need to change our own self limiting mindsets and to value what we do, so that others may as well!

since i am the one who named this blog 'build a little biz' and who calls us all 'little biz builders', i would like to be really clear about my definition of 'little'.

when i say 'little' i am referring to the fact that we tend to be a one-woman biz, doing the work from our kitchen table (or one of the many places you all shared on facebook. so awesome! i love that i am not the only one working on the laptop out back while the kids play!)  

but i never want the word 'little' to undermine the value, impact & potential of your biz. 

'little' does not, and should not, be a limiting mindset to what we do. little, in fact, should be celebrated, our businesses are awesome in their littleness! (click here to tweet that!)

i have created this manifesto as a way to remind ourselves why little should be loved, and also to share it with others so that we may surround ourselves with support and enthusiasm for what we do.

i love my little biz share online.jpg

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click here to download both a high resolution printable version of this manifesto, and a low res image that you can share online - post it to your facebook page, blog about it, insert it into a newsletter, tweet it, pin it! 

let's start a 'little' revolution y'all! be proud of your little biz & encourage others as well!

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