now is the time to add some VISUAL to your MARKETING

i am passionate about a few things: 1. encouraging women in biz to truly shine. 2. teaching & helping others. 3. anything visual & creative (photography, design, apps, doodles, pinterest, instagram, you name it.) 

this blog has been a place for me to explore all of those things, and to start the business of my dreams. (i am grateful for you all and this place every single day, by the way. just wanted you to know!)

and it has been a place for me to really explore the concept of visual marketing. this is something i am really excited about as a little biz builder!

an infographic on the subject seems like the perfect fit, no? i am using an image to tell you all about why i think using images for your biz is so important. awesome.


tweet it.   facebook share it.   save it and add it to your own blog post.

and read more about these reasons here:

i am on a mission to help women feel authentic about their marketing (ie take the ick away) and to empower them to feel confident with their strategies (ie DIY that looks professional, stands out, and is effective!)

i created a online workshop to do just that. the visual marketing DIY workshop begins again on february 25th. if you would like to take control of your marketing, have some FUN with it, and get creative with new ways to promote your business, this is just the thing. i do hope you will join us!

by the way, you can do this too, you can create your own infographics for your biz.  you can even use content you already have (on facebook, on your blog, from your website or newsletter) and turn it into fresh new visual content. i created this using photoshop but you could easily use a free online tool (my favorite is piktochart). 

of course, "infographics" is one of the modules of the visual marketing DIY workshop. join us and i will walk you through how to do this step by step. along with other images: sharables, testimonials, PDFs, product images, media kits, promo pages, videos, slideshows, flyers, print images, and manifestos. so. much fun. click here to join us!