notes from a raving fangirl

last week i spoke at and attended the artful business conference in melbourne and was so lucky to hear lisa messenger speak at the end of the first day.

if you aren’t familiar with lisa messenger, she is the founder of the renegade collective magazine and while i was a reader and fan before the conference i am now a huge fangirl.

(i may have embarrassed myself a little actually gushing over her after her talk. whatevs!)

her talk will now be downloaded onto my phone so that i can listen anytime i need a little inspiration. so glad that the artful biz conference has a virtual option with all recordings!

here is what lisa messenger said made the biggest difference to her success so far…

  • unwavering passion
  • know your why
  • surround yourself with an awesome team – “hire your weaknesses”
  • create rituals for self-care and health – make these non-negotiable
  • don’t surround yourself with others in your industry, maintain some blissful naivety
  • get clear on what your most audacious goal is – the rest will follow
  • everyone is equal – it’s just how much we are prepared to back ourselves – “i can do that too”
  • fail fast
  • sell stuff before you’ve even created it – “vapour ware”
  • surrender – you are just the conduit
  • what value can you offer? – not always an exchange of money, could be to amplify a message, build a database etc. – stack what’s in it for them way more than what’s in it for you
  • move faster – “it’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow”
  • community is the key – it’s about their stories
  • personal development is the secret to confidence – find out what is holding you back and work to get comfortable in your own skin – be you, be authentic
  • let yourself get fired up about an injustice or the change you want to make – it fuels your passion and helps you believe in yourself

lisa said that when she was asked recently about where she was at in her journey she replied “i’m still on page one of my story”… and wow if that didn’t nearly make me cry. that’s how i feel too! 

this woman seriously kicks ass in the biz world, and is humble and generous and such an inspiration. 

and how lucky are we women in biz to have such awesome role models?

ps. you can still grab a virtual ticket to the artful business conference – get access to all of this year’s recordings as well as from 2013, and 2012! 70 hours of biz building resources! click here.

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