my three words for 2014

i always start out my business planning by working on the big vision that i have the year and i like to choose 3 words to represent that big vision - i find that it helps me to stay focused and on my own path throughout the year, and my words act as a filter for all the shiny things.

  • in 2010 my words were brand, learn, pro
  • in 2011 my words were generosity, growth, community
  • in 2012 my words were mindset, mojo, visual
  • in 2013 my words were service, create, abundance

this year my words are:


i made a decision 2 years ago to start working on building a strong, entrepreneurial mindset and since then i have shared here the mantras that i now use to overcome blocks and get unstuck.

but what i have come to learn is that when we change our thoughts, we change our life. what we focus on expands. and how we feel makes all the difference in the world. so i have put thoughts as one of my words because i really want to continue my work from the previous years on mindsets, abundance and gratitude, as well as exploring the law of attraction, affirmations and more.


back when i lost my mojo and had to get it back again i had this huge ah ha moment where i realized that part of my spark is teaching. last year my word was create and i definitely created educational content as well as visual content.

what i have come to realize about myself now is that my favourite space to work is one:many and what i really love to do is teach others what i know how to do. i will continue to devote a portion of my time to select one:one clients (doing brainstorming sessions and visual content design) but for the most part i want to focus on teaching. i have so many ideas for new workshops/classes/workbooks as well as goals for doing more live teaching/presenting/speaking.


a couple of years ago i came across this quote from anne lamott - 'lighthouses don't go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.' since then i have thought a lot about what it would be like to be a lighthouse - to stand tall, to stand out, to be a beacon of light for your right people, to shine from within. 

when i wrote at the end of last year about my biz resolutions in an effort to keep it real & lay it bare, i was blown away by the response to those posts. it seems to me that what we all really need is someone to say: it's ok. you've got this. you don't have to be any one thing. you can just be. define your biz, your way. 

so that is my goal for the year: to help women in biz find their own "light", whatever that may be. because once we've got that, everything else is so much easier.

how to figure out your vision

i like to choose 3 words to represent my vision but i know lots of people just choose 1 word. others will choose or write a mantra or phrase. some people choose words to represent how they want to feel (instead of what they want to accomplish). and some people will create a vision board of images (pinterest is a great place to do this).

to figure out your vision for your business this year try asking yourself these questions: what do i want to focus on? how do i want to feel? what do i want to achieve? what promises do i need to make to myself or permissions do i need to give myself? what do i need to stop doing, start doing, or keep doing?

click here to download a printable worksheet and image templates – facebook coversquare shareablewallpaper - use them to declare your words, share your vision, make a promise to yourself, or write out a mantra for your year.

once you have your vision the key of course is to figure out what goals will help you create that vision and what strategies will help achieve the goals, and then plan it out into your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendars & task lists.

if you need help with that the bizplantastic workbook is a great place to start. it takes you through these exact steps and includes printable planners to help you get it all done.

i also recommend leonie dawson’s biz + life planners, and danielle laporte’s desire map.

have fun dreaming up your vision for the year!

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