my three words for 2013

at the end of last year i shared some thoughts on and resources for doing creative planning* – planning that is both actionable & inspiring, because if you are like me you find planning to be a complete bore. and if you are a subscriber to the toolbox (a FREE weekly newsletter from build a little biz) then you will know that i totally postponed the start of my new year till February. (which, by the way, i am doing every year from now on!)

so i spent a delicious january playing at the beach with my family, recharging my batteries, and working through some of those awesome resources. of course now i have notebooks and worksheets and calendars full of reflection, inspiration, goals, and tasks.

i hope that however you have spent your january, and whichever tools/resources you have used to help you with your planning, you have much of the same!

however, we all know how life gets: we get busy, we get off track, we lose sight of what’s important, we get swayed away from our path by suggestions & advice from others, we get bogged down by the everyday stuff we all deal with.

i suggest you try this:

come up with 3-5 words that embody your goals & plans for 2013. write them down, draw them out, blog about them, create a vision board for them, share them with your loved ones… whatever will keep them at the forefront for you.

but don’t just think about them – there is something in the act of physically putting them out there in the world, writing them out and posting them where you can see them every day, which will keep it real and tangible for you.

and don’t just take all of that planning and put it on a shelf until next january. our plans are works in progress, they are always evolving and adapting… plus as you know better you can do better. so make a date with yourself for another planning, inspiring day of working on your biz (instead of just in it!)

i have already set a date for myself to work on an awesome new resource called the desire map*. i have heard some great feedback from biz builders on what a profound effect it has had on their biz & life, and i feel like it is a great extension of the work i have already done on finding my spark, and setting my words for 2013.

so… my words for 2013?


this word reminds me of two aspects to my plans for the year. one: i want to be of absolute service to you. i read this last year in a newsletter from chris brogan and it has stuck with me ever since:

"Am I doing what I'm selling to make my buyer the hero?"

though i love doing what i do (brainstorming, teaching, designing, mentoring) and it brings me great joy to know i have helped people, i am not doing it so YOU can make your business shine. so you can find the success and fulfilment you crave. i want you to be the hero in your story. and i want to keep that in mind every single time i take any action with my biz this year.

two: as i mentioned above it can be very easy to get off track with your biz. i want to be sure that every action i take this year with my biz is actually in service of my biz.

will it help me to earn what i deserve, to make this business profitable and successful. Does it fit with my own spark and my brand message? does it serve the people i wish to work with? if the answer is no, then no matter what ‘they’ say, it will not be worth doing. right?


last year i made huge changes in my business, because i spent a great deal of time finding and igniting my own spark (my unique combination of passion, purpose, and service). two big parts of that are teaching & doing creative work – and these parts were missing for a long time, which is why i was feeling incredibly stuck.

whether you want to call it your ‘why’ or your ‘special sauce’ or your own unique 'awesomeness' need to find that SPARK. and you need to hang on to it tightly.

so the word create is here to represent a few things: doing creative work for my own inspiration and pleasure (much of which i will share with you here in the blog and in the toolbox), doing creative design work for my clients, creating products and services that will allow me to teach.


i have always believed that in giving we receive so much in return, and in fact have built this blog on those foundations. since the first day i interacted with other women in biz here online my life has grown in ways i never could have imagined. but somewhere along the way i got bogged down with all of the ‘getting stuff done’ – i kept giving but forgot to take the time to be grateful for everything i was receiving in return.

and recently with the work i have been doing on the money side of my biz (as you may have read about in this week's edition of the toolbox) i have been thinking a lot about abundance. i love this from tara gentile on embracing abundance and breaking the scarcity mindset:

forget all the i-wishes and if-onlys and make a choice today that embraces the abundance that you already have and the abundance that is right around the corner.

so i was originally going to have these as two separate words for the year but i fell like they are so interconnected. that by embracing abundance i can change my mindsets around the things i wish to achieve, and then by being thankful for what i receive every single day i can better embrace abundance. and by doing in both i can firmly embody my beliefs in generosity and being of service.

so there you have it! those are my words for 2013. what are yours?

here is a blank graphic ready for you to add your words for 2013 - just right click and save, drag it into picmonkey, then add your words in your brand colours – make it yours! when you do, pop over to the facebook page and share your image or tag build a little biz when you share it online – i would love to see it.

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*this post contains affiliate links. i will only ever recommend people and products that i truly believe will help us build a biz that shines, and yes, i am using these resources too!