Five Must-Know Communication Techniques To Drive Traffic & Money To Your Small Business

by guest author Desiree Moore

Most of the skills we employ in our business get better with practice.  For example, starting your own business likely came with a dramatic learning curve – everything from drafting blog posts to managing money to finding and working with your ideal clients was new.  However, over time, you have likely seen significant improvement in each of these areas.

Communication, on the other hand, tends to defy this improvement curve.  It is one of the few skills we engage in regularly (we all speak on a regular basis, anyway) that does not necessarily get better over time.  This is in part a function of training.  Depending on gender, upbringing, the particular social situation, and individual personality traits, we are conditioned to communicate in ways that do not always render the results we are looking for. 

In order to communicate boldly and effectively then, we have to engage in conscious, proactive techniques.  And it is critical that we do so – these skills are central to finding success in business and in our personal lives.  Whether you are being interviewed, hosting a podcast, pitching your business idea, making sales, or simply speaking to your partner or someone you care about, perfecting your communication skills will help you craft a business and life you love.       

Based on observations of key business speakers (think Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, Bob Burg, and others), as well as the communication techniques I use regularly with my clients who are seeking to improve their presence, presentation, and communication skills, here are five must-know communication techniques to drive traffic and money to your business right away:

1. Confidence

Every great communicator possesses and projects confidence.  Confidence is the best foundation for communicating effectively.  Strong posture, good eye contact, a natural but powerful tone of voice, and unwavering substantive content are great ways to project confidence.

2. Enthusiasm

When you are communicating – whether in a formal or informal context – enthusiasm is key.  Enthusiasm captivates and engages your listeners and reflects that you are passionate about what you are speaking about.  This in turn ignites passion in others and is a profound way to build a tribe. 

3. Sincerity

Sincerity is at the heart of any successful communication, business or personal.  If you are sincere, people will know you, like you, and trust you.  And in turn, your sincerity will foster long-term, meaningful business relationships.

4. Substance

In any communication, there is no substitute for great substantive content.  Anytime you are communicating about your business or the work you do, whether in a one-on-one conversation, an interview, a podcast, in front of the camera, or before an audience of thousands, it is imperative that you demonstrate that you know your message better than anyone else.  Demonstrating that you are an authority on a particular subject, and that you are unwaveringly so, will build your credibility in the eyes of colleagues, potential clients, and more.

5. Solution

Finally, to be an effective communicator in a business context, you must demonstrate that you are solution oriented.  No matter what else you offer your clients, it must be apparent by your communications that you are offering them a solution, above all.  What problem are you solving?  What stress or headache are you eliminating?  What change will they see by working with you?  If you can express this succinctly and up front anytime you are communicating about your business, you are more likely to attract and keep the ideal clients for your business. 

Desiree Moore is an attorney, published author, and speaker.  She is the founder of Greenhorn Bold, where she offers presence, presentation, and communication skills training for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Check out her site for free speaking resources, including her free 30-minute clarity sessions, and connect with Desiree on Twitter at @greenhornbold.