fun free tool : using for your biz

one of my favourite new visual content tools to use is so i thought i would share a few ideas for how you can use it for your business (as well as a little tutorial to help you get started). describes itself as “google docs for creative people.” you literally create a virtual bulletin board full of text, images, links & more.

  • using the built in tools you can add titles, textboxes, post it notes, arrows/shapes/stickers, change colours & fonts & backgrounds
  • you can also drag and drop in images, link to websites, add youtube videos, even drop in tweets/pins/facebook posts.  anything added from online remains “clickable” and opens in a pop up.
  • you can keep your mural private, make it public (for others to view it), or make it collaborative (so you can work with others on a mural). when collaborating with others you can add comments to each other & get updates on recent activity.
  • you can also add frames to your mural – this turns your mural into a “slide-show” type presentation (with forward and back keys). you can share the link to this for others to view or embed the presentation into your website

some ideas for using for your biz:

  • create a mood board or inspiration board for your brand or any new project you are working on
  • create a vision board or a dream board for your business (and life!) – share it with your fans so that they can see your brand vision & be part of your journey
  • collaborate with a client or customer on a project or service that you are offering
  • create a presentation to teach something to or share something with your customers
  • create a flow chart, check list, brainstorm, collage, or other interesting visual representation of information
  • record your presentation (i use screencast-o-matic) and share your video on youtube/your website/your facebook page and more

want a little help getting started with i created this short tutorial to walk you through the program. (click here to open the video in your browser)

have fun with it! do you have an idea for how you can use for your biz? have you made a please share your ideas & links. i would love to hear from you!

note: this free tutorial is an example of the types of tutorials i share in the visual marketing DIY workshop.  the workshop contains 25 tutorials to show you how to use visual tools to create visual content for your biz. (plus there are 15 pdf lessons to walk you through the types of visual content you can create & 6 bonus guides to help you beyond the workshop! so much great content in one spot!) click here to find out more about visual marketing DIY