maybe it is time to invest in yourself and your business

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look. i have the DIY mentality too. i get it. you are trying to get your biz off the ground. you feel like you have barely enough profit as it is without spending it all on help for your business. and you feel like most jobs are ones you can figure out on your own, after all there is a heap of free information out there. 

but lately i am getting a lot of questions like

"i started my biz and have my product for sale. how do i find customers, how do i get more traffic, how do i get people to buy from me, how do i build buzz about my business."

seriously y'all - that is a HUGE question. i can't just answer that in a facebook post, you know?

you have two choices - you can keep DIYing your way, trying to figure it all out by yourself with the free info you find online.

or you can invest in yourself and in your biz. 


  • how effective you can really be doing it all on your own
  • how far you are really going to get with your biz if you do it all on your own
  • everything you are missing out on by doing it all on your own

there are a number of reasons why it pays to actually pay for some business support, coaching, services, information and instruction.

1. we tend to take a resource more seriously if we pay for it

remember, i have the DIY mentality too. my ‘ebook folder’ on my laptop is chock full of awesome free ebooks that i have. never. read. same with bookmarked blog posts that i mean to go back and really take seriously. not to mention the free videos and webinars and podcasts etc. that i really do mean to make the time for. and never do.

but when we pay for something, when we have invested money into it, we tend to make the most of it, get the full value out of it. we do not want our precious pennies to go to waste. and we tend to be more choosy when there is cash involved, we pick resources and service providers that are the right fit for us and our business.

another note about paid resources vs. free resources is that often the paid ones are meatier. people who provide free resources are giving you a taste of their expertise, they are showing you a taste of how they can help you. generally a paid resource (either time or information) will be much more thorough, extensive or specific. while a free resource will leave you with questions like ‘what now?’ or ‘yah but how?’ (this is not always the case, but it is something to consider...)

investing in professional help motivates us to actually take that help seriously and use it to improve our business.

2. unless we invest in it we never really get around to it

don’t get me wrong. there is a lot of amazing free information out there. heck, i try to provide some of that myself! and when i was first figuring out some of this business stuff i ate it up like it was free wine at an open bar. and just like too much free anything, you get to a point where you just feel overwhelmed, quite full and a bit sick actually.

while the free stuff is enough to get you thinking and get your ideas of the ground, there comes a point where we just don’t have the time to sort through it all. and it weighs on us and makes us feel bad.

there are probably business tasks that have been on your to do list forever, that you keep meaning to get to, DIY style. be honest with yourself – if something has been on your to do list for that long are you every really gonna do it?

investing in professional help means the tasks that will allow your business to grow and succeed will actually get done.

3. when we don’t invest in help we miss out on experience, expertise, and inspiration

when we do tasks for our business in isolation, DIY style and all on our own, we are missing out on a whole new world of growth. working with others, be it a professional service provider, an experienced coach, or a fellow biz builder/mentor, can often be just the thing that gives you that light bulb moment or gets you unstuck from whatever is holding you back.

working on your business by yourself means that you are the only one to contribute ideas. working with others allows you to get a fresh set of eyes, valuable expertise, shared experiences, a new way of looking at things, an idea you never would have thought to try, permission to do the thing you wanted to do, and the support and encouragement to get it done!

investing in professional help opens up a world of ideas and expertise that your business needs to stand out and be a success.

like i said, i can totally understand the DIY mentality. the i’d rather do it on my own and for free way of working on your biz. but there comes a point when that is not going to get you where you need to go.

there comes a point when you have to invest in yourself and invest in your business. the growth and success that you get out of it will be well worth the amount it costs you. free is only going to get you so far.

what types of help can you invest in?

  • one-on-one help from a coach or consultant in an area that you are feeling stuck
  • courses, seminars, conferences, and instruction that provide help in a group setting
  • tutorials, workbooks, guides and resources that walk you through a task step-by-step
  • services provided by other businesses that specialize in the tasks that you need getting done
  • groups & mentors in your niche that can provide valuable personal expertise and support

now go find someone or something that is the right fit for you and your business and invest in getting some help. you won’t be sorry.

do you want some help finding the right person or resource to help YOU? send me an email and i will make some recommendations. =)