{marketing} newsletters: why you need one, how to make one, and what to do with it


well the title speaks for itself, no? so let’s just get right into it!

(oh, by the way, you can call it a newsletter, mailing list, e-news, subscription – whatever you want.)


why you need one:

~ it’s free (well you can pay for a service if you choose to, but there are plenty of free ones or you can do it for free on your own with your email)

~ it is a great way to keep in touch with old clients/customers

~ it is a call to action for new potential customers - people visiting your site can join immediately even if they are not yet ready to buy

~ you can remain on people’s radar

~ you can reach out to people instead of waiting for them to come to you – people are busy and won’t always remember to stop by your site even if they mean to.

~ people are more likely to open an email from you than stop to read what you are saying on facebook, twitter etc.

~ you can use it as a away to give things to your customers: free stuff, coupons, specials, deals, information, VIP treatment etc. 

~ you can grow your list of people who love your stuff – this helps for doing things like surveys, asking for referrals, and of course, when you want to sell something to them!

~ it’s an opt in – you have confidence that people are choosing to get your newsletter so you don’t feel like you are bugging them (compared to if you were giving them a cold call)

~ it is easy for people to forward you on to others

how to make one:

use a newsletter sign up service. i LOVE mailchimp so that is my recommendation. seriously – go check it out, it is super easy and fun. these dudes have a unique and memorable brand, that is inspiration in itself! plus it is free up to 2000 subscribers, so there is no reason not to use it. 

a service like mailchimp will:

~ provide you with the links you need to add your sign up form to your website, facebook page etc.

~ add the email addresses to your list automatically, as soon as people sign up

~ allow you to set up auto responders to go out upon sign up, or any time you choose

~ allow you to create a branded template for your newsletters (saves so much time in creating each one!)

~ allow you to sort your contacts into lists for easy communication with groups of people

~ allow you to track how many people opened the email, and clicked on links in the email

~ even send out a birthday message for subscribers (people love opening mail on their birthday!)

what to do with it:

~ decide what the purpose of your newsletter will be (e.g. sharing helpful tips, giving special deals, VIP stuff that only subscribers get, sharing the same info you provide on your blog, getting repeat sales, asking for referrals etc.)

~ write it for your ideal customer. those are the readers you want to turn into buyers so write as though you are writing just for them.

~ brand it – include the same logo, colours, fonts, photos and icons that you have on your website, facebook page etc. it builds trust and reliability.

~ add your biz name to the subject line so that people know right away who the email is from.

~ make the rest of your subject line interesting and informative so people will be more likely to open it.

~ be sure you give away useful, free information more often than you ask someone to buy something.

~ include links to your site, comments or feedback you have received, mentions of your biz on other sites etc.

~ include a call to action for your readers: ask a question and ask for a reply, ask people to forward it onto someone that would find it helpful, ask for people to click on a link and have a look at a new product.

would you like the step-by-step instructions for creating your own awesome newsletter? click here to have a look at the blueprints to builld a newsletter. i have included everything mentioned aboive plus much much more!