make your customer the hero

one of my three words for 2013  is service, and i was recently inspired by an email from chris brogan titled ‘to be of service’ where he asks: 

“Am I doing what I'm selling to make my buyer the hero?

this statement really resonated with me.

we tend focus on selling our product and describing our business and promoting what we do. we focus on our own goals and our own success. we make what we sell the hero.

but without our customers we have no business

as micro business owners i think our greatest asset is the fact that we are indeed our biz. we don’t have sales teams and marketing departments and customer service hotlines... there is no one else to pass the buck too. we are the ones that must build relationships with our customers, and because we are our business we have an opportunity to create a real connection.

though my business is definitely built upon my passion & my strengths, and though i am of course driven by my own spark and quest for success, i am not the hero of the work i do. my clients are. i want them to truly shine and so it makes sense that everything i do is to help them, to be of service to them, to help them to be the hero of their story.

what would that look like for you?

what can you do to help your customers be the hero?

  • how can you show them in your marketing that they are indeed the core focus of your business?
  • where can you connect with them in a genuine way and build lasting relationships with them?
  • what can you do right now to show your most awesome customers that you value them deeply?
  • what can you say right now that shows that you get them, that they are not alone?

as we start to build our biz, we often spend time figuring who our ideal customers are. then we work on our brand, work on selling our products and marketing our biz, and somewhere along the way forget to keep those ideal customers – our most awesome people – at the forefront of everything we do.

i, for one, do not want to do that anymore. how about you? what is one thing you can do right now to make your customer the hero?

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