little biz love | post your business here!

there was a time, not so long ago, when i was able to keep track of every person who liked the build a little biz facebook page or who popped over to the blog to leave a comment. i matched every new fan to their business and liked every page in return.

now with 6700+ fans and 8000+ unique visitors to the site each month, i can't keep up! i adore my 'regulars' who always say hi and leave comments and ask questions and share my posts ~ *waves hi!* ~ you ladies rock, and your comments/shares/likes keep me going!

but for every one person who says hi i know there are many many more lurkers, following along from the sidelines. *more waving!* i appreciate all of your visits to the page and blog, and it is totally ok to be a reader instead of a commenter, but i would love to hear from you too, just this once =)

so today i am turning the blog over to you, my awesome readers & fans & fellow women in biz...

please introduce yourself in the comments. tell us about your little biz. leave a link to your website and page so we can pop in and say hi. and share one thing with us - maybe one thing you love about your biz, or one thing you could use a little help with, or one way you would love to help others, or one goal you have for your biz this year. 

i would love to get to know more of you, and i think this could be a fabulous place to get to know each other! so after you leave your comment have a look at the other businesses posted and pick 5 to go visit and say hello. let's "walk the walk" and support each other, even as we build our own little businesses.

long term fans, regular contributers, first time visitors, quiet lurkers... i hope to say hi to you all! see you in the comments... =)

ps - if your comment doesn't show up right away, please don't worry. sometimes comments get pinged by the spam filter and with a click of a button i will approve them and they will be seen by everyone. =)