lighthouses & guest blogging – the perfect pair to grow your email list

by guest author caylie price 

if you’ve been reading build a little biz recently you’ve no doubt learned of and come to love karen’s lighthouse revolution. the concepts of being grounded, confident and a beacon are beautiful and sound business principles.

but what does being a lighthouse have to do with guest blogging?

for anyone new to the concept, guest blogging is when you write an article for a website other than your own with the aim of introducing your work to a new audience and encouraging them back to your website to subscribe. talk about using bait to hook the fish!

be a beacon

guest blogging is the beacon that connects a new audience with your mailing list. it allows them to get a taste of your work so they can decide if you can help them or not.

why do you want visitors to subscribe?

when people subscribe to your list you have permission to contact them. your emails remain in their  inbox until they choose to read or delete.

now compare this with facebook updates that are being shown to fewer and fewer people or tweets that have visibility of approximately one second.

suddenly permission to communicate via email sounds just fine and dandy. the likelihood of getting your message across via email is tidal waves ahead of social media.

better still you get to build a relationship with your new subscribers and have the opportunity to make product and service offers. yep, more people on your list, more people to make offers to, more people who will buy.

stay grounded

as a guest blogger you need to be clear and grounded on what you offer and who needs what you offer. for example, to encourage readers to subscribe, guest bloggers will promote an opt in incentive. something free that entices people to hand over their email address in exchange for the goodie.

if you create an opt in offer in an attempt to attract anyone and everyone to subscribe, your guest blogging effort will fail. you can’t please everyone. you shouldn’t try to. you need to focus on a particular target audience and create an opt in incentive that will solve one of their pain points (problems).

your goal is to attract subscribers who match your ideal customer avatar. these are the subscribers who will engage within your community. who will support you. who will invest in your offers.

narrowing the focus of your guest post and opt in incentive will get their attention and really speak to their needs, rather than being ‘just another freebie’. you’ll build your list much faster with a lot less time and effort expended.

be confident

many bloggers and business owners say the scariest part of guest blogging is pitching the potential host. they have to face the possibility that the host may not like their post suggestions and no one likes to feel rejected or embarrassed.

but here’s the thing to remember…

no one else will know you’ve sent the pitch so if it isn’t accepted don’t worry. stay confident and re-pitch the topic to someone else or use it on your own website. just because it was rejected doesn’t mean you or your post aren’t good enough. it might be that is doesn’t align with the content the other blogger has planned or isn’t the right fit. no biggie.

also, don’t assume you have to be published on the biggest sites to have success. the biggest sites often aren’t the best place to guest post. many large websites cover a wide variety of topics and the readers aren’t engaged. they simply visit the sites to ‘fill in time.’ they aren’t interested in learning or looking for solutions to particular problems, they want entertainment.

smaller sites with narrower niches and enthusiastic audiences will give far better results. so if you’re feeling unsure, choose a less visible but more engaged host. once the subscribers start rolling in i can guarantee you’ll be ready to guest post more.

so let’s recap

to grow your email list

1.     analyse which websites have your target audience – focus on guest posting there first

2.     be confident and send your guest blogging pitch – don’t be scared to approach

3.     be really specific with both your guest post topic and opt in incentive – the more focused, the better the response you’ll get from both your host and the host’s audience

most importantly…get started. guest blogging is free and a highly effective way to grow your list but you can’t enjoy the rewards unless you act.

and if you’d love to learn the six steps to making money from guest blogging get the FREE ‘Make $$$ Guest Blogging’ audio recording.

do you guest post? what benefits have you experienced? share them in the comments below!


Caylie Price is a client attraction mentor and the owner of Better Business Better Life . She takes the 'tech' and overwhelm out of online marketing. Caylie helps small business owners create opt in strategies that result in a steady flow of red hot leads. She is also the creator of Seductive Guest Blogging…Lure Them Back For More!