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twenty months ago, i started build a little biz as place to share with other biz mums what i was learning about business. it has grown to be a fabulous resource for little biz builders all over the world – with regular contributors and fantastic guest posters helping us in all areas of biz, and with build a little biz posts appearing on other business websites as well. i absolutely love what i do here at build a little biz, but i have realized that something is missing.

the primary focus for build a little biz is to share really freaking helpful information. my goal is to be the ‘go to spot’ for any biz builder needing a little help. but as much as information is indeed helpful to have, there are still times where the information just doesn’t click. and all of the information in the world doesn’t really help the feeling that we little biz builders are working on a little island alone.

the more i talk to women in biz, the more networking i do, the more i realize that we need to share what we do with others. we need to celebrate each other’s successes. we need to hear that sometimes we fail, and we pick ourselves up again. we need to know that we are not alone, that others have been through the same things and achieved success. we need to teach others and get taught in return.

so today i launch a new site called SHINE. a place to celebrate, educate, and inspire women in business. SHINE will be a showcase of brilliant little businesses sharing their stories, sharing information, sharing examples of their best work.

as women building little businesses, from home on our own, we seem to have a few tendancies. we try to do it all by ourselves. we don’t brag about our successes and achievements; we are modest. we hold our cards close to the chests; perhaps we don’t want people to know if we fail, perhaps we don’t want anyone to copy our strategies. we don’t always value our selves enough: our expertise, our talents, what it is we offer to the world.

i believe that we need to change this. we need to change our way of thinking. to change the culture of competition to co-opetition. to change the culture of modesty to celebration. to start to value ourselves so that others will find value in what we do. to see that the more we share with others, the more we get in return.

SHINE is not just a website. it is a mission.

please join us and help spread the word. tweet, like, share, pin, and plus this post. visit www.shinelittlebiz.com and read about the brilliant businesses that will be featured each week. sign up for the 'Bright Ideas' newsletter and then visit the blogs & sites shared there, where others are sharing the SHINE message.

it's time to let your light shine! (help spread the word. click here to tweet that message!)

what does the SHINE message mean to you? please add your comments, i would love to hear from you!