what are you avoiding?


last week on the blog we talked about marketing vs branding, and i continued that thread in the toolbox over the weekend. (have you signed up yet? you should. we've got super actionable, and somewhat entertaining stuff in there!) here is a little recap...

marketing is what you do. branding is what you are.
branding is the business that you do. marketing is the way you do business.
branding is working ON your business. marketing is working IN your business.


(you know just doing the day to day tasks you need to do to keep promoting your product and selling your thing and connecting with your customers!)


the jist of it was this: it is a lot easier to work IN your business when you spend regular time working ON your business too. 

(i call it having a date with your biz, and definitely recommend it. i always walk away with renewed energy and confidence when i do, and take my biz to new heights.)

however there are times when it is no good to just sit around working ON your business. for instance...

  • when you are doing it to procrastinate.
  • when you are doing it to avoid putting your thing out there.
  • when you are doing it to convince yourself you are ‘working hard’ when really you just don’t want to do something that is scary, difficult, new, or outside of your comfort zone.
  • when you are only working ON your biz and never really making progress WITH your biz.

there comes a point when you need to JFDI.

just fucking do it.

now, i have a trucker mouth so i am pretty happy to say that out loud. but if you don’t, that's totally cool. this will still work. try…

just f ’ing do it.

just freaking do it.

just FINALLY do it.

have a think right now, is there something you have not started on?

are you telling yourself…

  • i can’t because i haven’t been certified yet.
  • i can’t because i haven’t got my website/logo/packaging/sales plan completely sorted yet.
  • i can’t because i still have a bunch to learn and i am not ready.
  • i can’t because i am not sure what to charge yet.
  • i can’t because i am oh so super busy working ON my business….

it might be time to put away all of your figuring and planning and learning and calculating and JFDI.

click here to tweet it. 

click here to print out the graphic at the top. in that space i left at the bottom write down ONE THING you need to just effing do already, post it somewhere visible as a reminder, and do it. now.