it’s not too late.

heard around the interwebs this week:

“it’s nearly february and i haven’t even started my 2014 business plan yet! sigh.”

“it seems like everyone has already been busy promoting their products or launching new stuff. i am so far behind.”

“i feel like my branding isn’t where i need it to be to reach my goals, but i am afraid of changing things. everyone says that’s a no no.”

“i had this great idea but someone else beat me to it.”

it makes me sad to hear people being so hard on themselves over biz stuff, so i am feeling the need to step in and give you a little bit of kick ass permission.

it’s not too late to plan.

last year i decided to switch off all of those “i’m so far behind” worries and just move the start of the year to february 1st. that felt so good! try it. or maybe start the new year on feb 14th. love day is an awesome day to kick start your planning. easter is too, it’s a time of rebirth. so is your birthday. is 11 your lucky number? make that the day you sit down and have a date with your biz and do some planning.

who says you have to have all of your plans done by some certain date? planning is ongoing. plans evolve.

related to this: if you don’t have a year plan? don’t sweat it. no idea what your 5 year vision is? join the club. if you have every day for the next month planned out meticulously and not a thing after that? awesome.

your biz. your plans. your way. plan out your next project or one month or one quarter or the whole year or just next week.

you have permission to plan any time and any way that works for you.

it’s not too late to change things.

if you are realizing that your brand does not match up with the direction you want to take your biz, the customers you want to engage with, the products you want to sell, your own values and passions? change it up.

if you need to change your prices so they are in alignment with your brand, your expertise, your talent, your niche, your time? do it now.

if you need to change the way you deliver a product or service because you realize that what you have been doing just isn’t working for you anymore? go for it.

if coke or apple or nike want to change something, they probably have a lot of hoops to jump through. you? not so much. it is the beauty of being a little biz! just make the change.

change is actually a great time to create some buzz, engage with your most awesome people, and ignite your spark again. and even though it is a bit scary, when you make a change it is generally the best thing to happen to your biz.

you have permission to make that change that has been niggling there in the back of your brain.

(i have changed my branding multiple times, my pricing evolves, so do my products & services... i've changed my career path, changed my entire business at least twice... it is not always easy, but it is always worth it and it never actually results in any major drama.)

it’s not too late to stop.

this is sort of related to making a change. just because you have been doing something doesn’t mean you have to KEEP doing something.

if it’s not working for you? if it’s not giving you a return on the investment of your time, energy, or money? if it is sucking the life out of you? if you are doing it just because you’ve always done it and you have no ever-loving clue why anymore? if you would rather pay someone else to do it?


you have permission to stop. you do not have to do it all, be all things, please everyone.

(this is coming from the lady who stopped using capitals. the world did not fall down. people still like her. she still earns a living even without capitals in her life. it’s all ok. really. )

it’s not too late to start.

you knew this one was coming, didn’t you?

start now. that thing you have meaning to do. that stuff you have been wanting to make the time for. the product you’ve been wanting to launch. the service you have been longing to offer. the person you have been wanting to connect with.

today is the perfect day to do it.

it doesn’t have to be a certain day of the week or time of the year. just start.

the timing might not be perfect, but chances are that it never will be perfect. so start now.

yes other people might be doing it, but that’s ok. they aren’t you. there aren’t really any new ideas anyhow… there is just the idea done your way with your spark for your people. start now so that you can be of service to them.

you have permission to start.

it’s not too late to dream a new dream.

it’s not too late to follow your heart or listen to your gut or do that thing that has been niggling in the back of your mind.

it’s not too late to learn something new or unlearn something old.

it’s not too late to become a rule breaker or be more zen or try out being super organized or experiment with being wild and free. 

it’s not too late to be the person you’ve wanted to be or do the things you’ve wanted to do.

now is the perfect time.

(and guess what. when you wake up tomorrow, it’s still the perfect time.)

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