it's not a tattoo

i have shared my thought about this in a previous post about getting stuck in a biz cul de sac, but the more i work with micro-biz owners the more i think this bears repeating. over and over. 

it's not a tattoo.

one of the things i find, especially when it comes to doing things like starting an email newsletter, or starting a business blog , or creating marketing images for your biz, is that the thing holding is back is a feeling that it has to be just right.

but often times we don't figure out what 'just right' is until we get started.

we need to start writing. start emailing. start creating. start talking out loud about our ideas.

and it's ok to do that, to figure it out as we go.

because it is not a tattoo.

it's not permanent. it is not forever. we can change, evolve, adapt, grow, adjust, fix, explore, experiment, test, try.

as we know more we can do better.

yes one day we might look back on that first blog post, that first email, that first image and *shudder*. (trust me. i do this ALL the time.)  and that's ok too. it's a cause for celebration actually, it reminds you of how far you have come.

and it is proof of your courage to JUST GET STARTED ALREADY. (which is a lot more than a lot of people ever do.)

so pick that one thing that you have been meaning to do, but where feelings of fear hold you back.

feelings like "it's just not perfect." or "i don't know enough yet." or "what if it sucks." or "i haven't figured it all out yet." or "i'm not ready."

(i know that i have these feelings. all the time. right?)

pick that one thing and just get started.

it's not a tattoo.

you can figure it out as you go.

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(thank you to seth godin for planting this message in my head. it has been my mantra for the past 6 months, and because if it i have done more than i ever thought possible.)