it’s a build a little biz birthday!

4 years ago this month i shared a new little blog with the world – one where i hoped to share what i was learning about building a micro, solo business on my own from home with other women trying to do the same. 

2 years ago i closed down my photography business and turned my “little blog on the side” into my full time business. i rebranded and refocused on not just helping women with the tasks they needed to do to build a biz, but rather to focus on what it means to shine.

i was inspired to change my whole approach to business, and to the way i helped women in biz, by the lighthouse quote by anne lamott.

and now i have come full circle back to the lighthouse - it is such a wonderful analogy for what we are really building here, which is so much more than a business!

watch the lighthouse revolution video and find out what i mean:

since we started the lighthouse revolution just a few months ago i have had the most amazing comments, messages, emails, and conversations with women in biz. it has been both humbling and inspiring – you each inspire me every single day!

what does the lighthouse mean to you? what symbols does it bring to mind? in what way does it inspire you on your journey?

please add your comments below – i would very much love to hear from you and do add your quotes to the amazing collection we have started here.

the lighthouse revolution is for each one of us. it is a symbol for what we are building. it is a symbol for what we want to be. it is both a guiding light for ourselves and a way that we can be a light to others.

on this 4th birthday i would like to say a huge thank you to each one of you who has supported this blog with your readership, with your comments & emails, with your shares, pins & tweets. 

and most importantly, thank you for the work you do every single day to share your light with the world.

because, when you shine you give others permission to do the same.

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