is your unique bit of business awesomeness actually unique?

what is it that makes your business unique? do you have a point of difference? do you know your unique sales proposition? what does your tagline say? what is your mission?

take a minute to think about it. maybe write it down. it’s ok, we can wait…

got it?

does it include words like…

quality. unique. handmade. custom. affordable. reliable. one-of-a-kind. easy. helpful.

do you have…

passion. expertise. enthusiasm. commitment. amazing customer service.

do you offer a way to…

look good. feel good. save time. save money. solve a problem. or maybe even something more specific like “capture precious memories”. 

great. so does every other business. 

every photographer loves to capture precious memories.

every handmaker offers something unique.

every service provider has expertise.

every business aims to be affordable & have awesome customer service.

every biz owner has passion. 

one of the reasons that many biz builders find it hard to stand out amongst the competition is that what they are offering is not really all that different to what everyone else is selling.  this also makes marketing hard – you seem to be saying the same things everyone else is, and saying the same thing over and over again.

you need to dig deeper.

deeper than ‘unique’. deeper than ‘capturing memories to last a lifetime’ (or whatever it is that you said you do.)

what is it about your 'thing' that really gets you fired up? what is your mission? what do you stand for? what do you want to be known for?

if you can hone in on that thing – that inner spark that fuels everything you do for your business and your customers – you can use that to find the right words to describe what you do.

if you can hone in on your spark and incorporate it into every aspect of your business, that is when it will truly shine. (tweet that!)

you will feel more confident about what you offer, you will feel more authentic in your efforts, and you will have a lot more fun!

i am not the only one talking about this idea – whether you call it your ‘why’ your ‘secret sauce’ or your ‘super power’ – getting to the heart of what you do can dramatically improve your business life. 

but the question is HOW? 

i know how hard it is to figure this out, so i have put together a fantastic guide to help you find your spark and make your little biz shine. this guide is extremely helpful, very actionable, AND totally inspiring. it is a game changer. seriously.