is there a ‘little biz’ gene?

having just returned from 6 weeks of summer vacation with my family overseas i have realized more than ever that i NEED my little biz. don’t get me wrong, i had an awesome time playing and visiting and relaxing, but underneath it all there was always one part of me ITCHING to work. 

building a business is in my blood.

yes, it is difficult. it is overwhelming. it takes a lot of time. it takes me away from my family. it is scary. it pushes me out of my comfort zone. it is like a roller coaster with many ups and downs. it is uncertain. 
but even with all of that, i would still rather be building my business than not. i don’t want to have a ‘9-5’ job. i don’t want only to be a ‘stay-at-home-mom’. i want my crazy mix of biz & family & home & life. my biz fulfills me. 
the more i talk with people about what i do the more i realize that we little biz builders must have something in our make-up, something that non-entrepreneurs don’t have. is there a little biz gene?
i have talked with mums who have NO desire to have their own business from home. and i have talked with mums who gave it a shot and walked away. and i have talked to women who believe in what they do, who are confident that they have something of value to offer this world, but who just need a little help to make it work. 
those are the ones i love to talk to the most. i know that they have that spark, that ‘thing’ that resonates with their perfect customers and that will make building their business way more fun and way easier. i love to help them find it, hone in on it, and share it with the world.  
because for us, i know that it is not just about earning money. there is so much more at stake: success, independence, fulfillment, freedom, abundance, joy, worth, and passion.  sometimes it just takes talking to someone who “gets it”. someone who is not going to ask “why are you bothering?” but who is going to say “what can we do to make it happen?” 
because honestly, for me, walking away is not an option. everything i have done so far has led me to where i am now. some people may not understand – they may wonder why i don’t just go back to teaching, or just be enjoy being a mum at home with my kids – but i know that has nothing to do with me. it is more about them. they aren’t made of the same stuff i am. business is not in their blood as it is in mine. 
and it truly is – my grandfather owned his own business for most of his working life. my father has owned his own business for most of his working life, in one iteration or another. my mom & my brother are in the business as well. it is a wonder that i ever thought i would not follow their footsteps! silly me.  
i am going to follow this entrepreneurial path and see where life takes me. i am going to embrace the fact that building my biz and working with my clients is not an “option”, it is a part of who i am, one that i must honour.  

just know, that even if no one else in your life ‘gets it’ – i do. 

my goal at the moment is working on new ways to help little biz builders: new workshops, new ebooks, new mentoring & brainstorming sessions... if you are wondering how i can help you, please send me an email or have a look at my current services here.