is the dream you have for yourself now the same as it always was?

before you started your little biz, did you have a different career path? different training or education or experience? did you have a different dream?

like many women in biz, i would never have guessed i would be doing what i am doing now. i started on this journey as a teacher. well, actually, as a summer camp leader! that led me to get a teaching degree at university, and i went on to teach science at a junior high school. back then, if you would have told me i would walk away from my classroom and not look back, i would have thought you were crazy!

i loved my teaching job, and i was damn good at it. i put my heart and soul into my classroom and worked hard, as many new teachers do. i thought i was a lifer!

but then i took a year off when i had my first baby, and ended up moving to the other side of the world. things changed. life changed. i eventually started a home photography biz which then led me to start this blog which then led me to turn this blog into my business and close the doors on the photography biz.

i know that i am doing what i am meant to do. i am crystal clear on my purpose and my passion, my gifts and my mission. i've found my spark.

but it wasn’t always so clear. when i was starting my photography business i spent a long time feeling that i had somehow failed myself by not teaching, that i had wasted my university degree, and that maybe i should just give up on my new dreams to go back to what i had once believed i was meant to do.

then, more recently, as i was contemplating shutting down my photography biz so i could pursue some new ideas, and devote my time fully to the build a little biz community, i again felt like somehow i was declaring my ‘old’ dream a failure. that by walking away i was letting myself down, and wasting all the work i had done.

which is crazy, because i knew in my gut that my new dream was the exact right one to pursue.

then i remembered a conversation i had when i first started this blog. i was chatting with my ‘other’ dad (my best friend’s dad, who is an incredible teacher and someone i admire immensely) trying to explain to him what my new build a little biz blog was all about. i was stumbling with my words, downplaying the work i was doing since it was just a little ‘thing on the side’. he interrupted me and said “of course you are doing that. you are a teacher. it’s in your blood. you can’t help but want to teach others.”

and i remember so clearly at the time feeling like a piece of my puzzle just popped into place. i felt like my whole body relaxed and i stood a little prouder. 

i am a teacher. it is my calling. i have not turned my back on my original dreams at all, they have just evolved. i have not walked away from my degree or my training, those things are a part of why i am good at what i do. i have not wasted my time on a photography business that closed down after just 4 years, that work brought me to where i am right now. if i hadn’t taken that journey i would not be on the path i am now at all!

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it can be very hard to listen to your gut and allow your dreams to evolve. we wonder if by doing so we have somehow failed ourselves or the people around us, if we have wasted time or money or talent, if we are giving up, or if we are turning our backs on something we once cared about.

i think we need to remember that everything we have done so far is actually an important part of our new dreams and goals. nothing is wasted – no job, experience, training, money spent, work done… it has all contributed to who you are now, and it all affects who you want to be next.

right now, can you give yourself permission to do that one thing you have been wanting to do? can you consider that you are not walking away from something you are just walking towards something new? 

please try. your dreams are worth it.