{inspiration} you need new kind of list

pat on the back.jpg

recently i blogged about things we could do to manage our time better. and then i blogged about things we could fix to present our businesses in a more professional manner. and then i suffered from a day of feeling a bit burnt out.

as mums who are working very hard at juggling a number of things, including trying to build a successful business, we often feel a lot of ‘should do’, ‘must do’ and ‘need to do now’. not just with our businesses but with family life and home life as well. and working at home without an employee or a boss to give you a pat on the back for a job well done, we don’t feel a lot of ‘way to go’ or ‘you rock!’.

so today – instead of adding to your to do list all of those ‘must do’ items – make a different kind of list. call it a ‘you rock’ list. instead of worrying about the things you need to do, consider all of the things you are doing. not sure what to write?

consider your last week. write down:

~ one great thing that you did with your kids/your spouse/your friends

~ the name of one person who told you they love your thing and exactly what they said

~ the name of one person who you helped and what you did to help them

~ one action you took to grow/improve/promote your business

~ one instance that you said no to something that wasn’t working out, or that you couldn’t take on

~ one thing you did just for yourself

~ all of the things you did get accomplished

ok – i get that it can be a weird thing to give yourself that pat on the back. we are raised to be modest creatures, to not toot our own horn. but if there is no one else around to do the tooting, then we ought to do it for ourselves! and you don’t have to show your list to anyone – just tuck it away and have a peek at it the next time you need a reminder that yes indeed, you do rock

what do you think? do you get recognition for all of the good work you are doing? how did you feel about writing this list? please add a comment, i would love to hear from you.