{inspiration} who do you love? what can you learn from them?


i love to watch tv. i have a lot of favourite shows (hello glee!), plus i like to have the tv on in the background while i am doing photo work. every afternoon as i edit photos and my little one naps, i watch ellen. i love ellen. every single day she makes me smile. and laugh. and usually cry too. she rocks. i would pretty well watch anything, read anything, listen to anything ‘ellen’. now that is brand power, no?

it occurred to me that i could actually learn a lot about doing biz from ellen. here is the list i made instead of editing photos:


i would recognize the lowercase font and blue colour of ellen’s brand anywhere. she uses it consistently on her show, website, social media etc. not only is she consistent with her logo, she is consistent with her appearance, the way she acts, the things she likes. you know exactly what to expect when you watch her show. branding builds trust and reliability, if she showed up in a dress didn’t dance on her show, you would probably be suspicious!


girlfriend gives her guests ‘ellen’ underwear. (seriously, i want ellen underwear!) guests with babies get ‘ellen’ onesies. sue sylvester (another glee reference, yay!) got an ‘ellen’ tracksuit. what do her guests like/use/need? she gives it to them, and puts her name on it. awesome!

guest spots

ellen loves music, she was a host on american idol. ellen loves to dance, she did an appearance on so you think you can dance. people that maybe don’t watch her daytime show, might start to after enjoying her in other places. notice she did not do a guest spot on top gear. she sticks with what she knows and what she loves and shares that love with others.

growth into new niches

ellen loves music. she loves showing youtube videos of talented kids on her show. she enjoyed working with new talent on idol. rather than sending that talent elsewhere she started her own record label. ellen also loves pets. she loves helping people out who are helping animals. rather than promote someone else’s petfood line she bought her own. freakin' brilliant!

dealing with competition

who would you guess is ellen’s biggest competition? i’d say oprah. how does she deal with the competition? she campaigns to be on the cover of oprah’s magazine. instead of hiding from or ignoring the competition she makes friends with them! she showed clips of oprah’s season premier even though it was her direct timeslot competitor. conan o’brian (another comedian and talk show host) ‘moves into the neighbourhood’ so she sends him gifts (a fully stocked bar & bartender, btw). who does that? amazing.

social media

ellen is on twitter. she has a facebook page. she has a youtube channel. she has an online community. as i said, in everyone of these places her brand (both her ‘look’ and her ‘voice’) is consistent. but it is not enough to just be present in these places, you have to engage with others. ellen will follow her followers. she will reply to and retweet your comments. even with more than 5 million followers and 3 million likers she still manages to be approachable and real and engaging. very cool.

who do you love?

maybe ellen isn’t your thing. maybe oprah is. maybe you admire some other tv celebrity. maybe you follow someone awesome online. maybe you admire someone else in your field or niche who is really kicking ass with their biz. try to figure out what it is about them that rocks. it might help inspire you with your own biz. =)

so tell me, who really rocks it for you? why do you admire them? what can you learn from them? do share, i’d love to know!