{inspiration} what do you do when life sucks?

confession time.jpg

confession time. i am not perfect. far from it, in fact. but, mate, it’s a hard thing to admit isn’t it? especially when i am trying to put on this uber professional and competent face for all of my clients and contacts and friends and family. you know that face? the one that says “i have got my shit together and i am rocking this whole stay at home mum slash business building thing”.

well here is the thing, sometimes i don’t have my shit together. in fact sometimes shit is going to hit the fan. and then what do you do?

the past two weeks for me have been spent sitting in my dark living room on the couch with my two year old crying, vomiting and coughing in my lap. she’s had the H1N1 virus, and let me tell you it has been all kinds of awful. i spent that two weeks trying and often failing to maintain my patience, and struggling to accept the fact that i wasn’t going to get a lick of work done.

and then it occurred to me. this is why i didn’t go back to my job when i had kids. this is the beauty of having a little home business. i wanted to do this so i could make my own hours and be able to be there for my kids at home. they were always the priority.

so i typed out some emails, with one hand and many typos, as my baby cried in my lap. i had to contact clients and admit that i was not a perfect business machine. i had to apologize for being late with orders, i had to say no to some jobs and postpone others, and i had to tell people they were going to have to wait a while before seeing their photos.

does it suck owning a failure (no matter the reason)? of course it does. do i feel bad? absolutely. but i remind myself this was why i started this biz in the first place. i am my own boss! did i lose some clients? maybe. but i remind myself that maybe those folks are not my ideal client anyhow. and for those who stick with me i will plan to be really awesome and make it worth the wait.

so when things get tough, and let’s face it things are going to get tough sometimes, remind yourself:

~ why did you start doing this in the first place?

~ who is your ideal client and what are they going to care about?

~ what is your priority here?

~ does it really matter if everything is not perfect?

focus on those things and those people and let go of the rest...