inspiration | how to be badass

nothing more badass.jpg

lately, i have come to a few conclusions:

  1. i want to be really loud and clear with my brand message
  2. i want to be the message i share
  3. i want to live that message in all aspects of my life, not just biz

so i am going to try something new on the blog... i share a lot of tips and information and ideas, but sometimes what we need as business builders is more mental than that. sometimes we need a reminder about what it is we love, or permission to follow our gut, or a pat on the back for a job well done, or a shove to get us going again.

so i am going to share some of that each week - we will call it 'inspiration' and hope that it does indeed inspire you to kick some ass with your little biz idea.

anyhow, about this image...

my 3 year old daughter has got a really quirky sense of fashion that never fails to entertain us, and she definitely has a mind of her own. i let her choose her own clothes because a.) it's not a battle worth having and b.) it is a safe and harmless way for her to exert her independence.

71 days ago she picked out this 'ballerina swimsuit' while shopping, and has barely taken it off since. just for the couple of hours it takes to wash and dry, really. it wasn't so bad when we were in canada where it was summer, but it is not summer yet here in australia. she wears it to preschool, to the shops, out for dinner, you name it. we get a lot of looks in the shopping centre and a lot of comments about how cold she must be. and when it starts looking particularly ratty i get my share of judgy looks, usually from other mums or women.

but each day that comes and she insists on wearing her ballerina swimsuit i admire her more and more. to be 3 and to not give a crap what other people think of you, to wear something you love because you really love it, to completely ignore other people's comments about the cold, or the stains or the interesting choice of accessories... well i really think it is pretty freaking awesome. and i hope she doesn't change.

i think it is pretty badass to be who you are - no apologies, no regrets. and every time i look at my crazy little girl i am going to remind myself of that. 

now go be a little bit badass... =)

(thanks to my lovely friend purdie from mango ink for passing this quote on to me. it has been looking at me from my desktop everyday, and i have been meaning to match it with an image for the longest time. the quote is from Darren Criss, the image is mine. if you have a quote, a mantra, a song or saying that inspires you to kick ass with your biz, please share it! i would love to hear from you.)