how to use picmonkey to watermark your images

there is no doubt that the popularity of pinterest and facebook are changing the way we share photos online. and if you use photos in any aspect of your biz (and you should) it is more important than ever to watermark your images.

for instance if you have a product photo or a graphic in a blog post, and your image gets pinned, a watermark will ensure that image is linked to your biz even if someone shares it without proper credit or backlink.

the question is, how can you add your watermark?

picmonkey is my absolute favorite online photoediting tool. it is free, you don't have to download anything, it is very intuitive to use, and it can do almost anything you would want to do with your photos. for this, all you need it the image and your logo.

  • drag your photo to 'edit a photo'
  • if you want to edit the photo, now is the time. go ahead and play with basic edits, touch ups, text, frames, textures, etc. the worst that can happen is that you don't like it and you start over. so go play, i know you want to!
  • when your photo is ready click on the 'overlays' icon. click 'your own' at the top and open your logo image.
  • click and drag to move your logo and click on the corners to resize it.
  • on the overlay box on the left drag the 'fade' button to make your logo semi-transparent. somewhere between 30%-50% generally gives a good watermark effect.
  • click anywhere on the image to remove the editing controls and see how it looks. to do more adjusting just click on the logo again. 
  • on my example i added a drop shadow frame as well - the coloured background that matches my logo helps with brand recognition and is a nice finishing touch.
  • when you are ready, click save. (for online sharing save a small file, for printing save a large file)

super easy right? if you prefer to have your website written on your image instead for a logo, skip the overlay step and add text using the 'text' button instead. easy!


if you want to make images that are even more pinnable and shareable try doing a photo collage of your photo(s) + logo + text (such as the one at the top of this article.) use the text to entice readers and pinners to click through and read your blog post or visit your website.

  • use the 'x' to close out of any other photo you have open and then this time drag your images to 'create a collage'
  • click the 'layout' icon choose your layout
  • click the 'photos' icon and drag the photos into the spot you want them. you can change the sizes of the boxes by hovering on the edges of the box in the collage and clicking and draging to resize.if you add more photos you will add more boxes to your collage.
  • click on the 'palatte' icon to choose your background colour, change border size and try rounded corners.
  • if you would like to add text leave yourself a space for that in the collage and save the collage. use the 'x' to close out of the collage area then open your collage in the 'edit a photo' area. click on the 'text' icon to add text and save again. 

super easy!

branded, watermarked images will help your business become recognizable as your images are pinned and shared online. it is worth spending a few minutes to put together an image that you would be proud to see posted somewhere. now go have a play...  it is easy, and fun!

(note: if picmonkey is not your thing, if you prefer a more 'photoshop style' online editor try pixlr.)

do you have a question about using images effectively to market your biz? pop them in the comments!