how to run a 'pin it to win it' promotion

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by now, we are all well aware of facebook’s stringent rules for holding promotions – defined as an event having a winner and a prize, such as a contest, sweepstakes, ballot, etc. so why not hop off of facebook and try something new – pinterest is a great spot to hold a fun promotion and a great opportunity to try something different and stand out with your business.

ideas for running a ‘pin it to win’ style pinterest promotion

  • simple - pin the item you want to win from our website
  • create a wishlist of items you would love from our store; someone will win one item from their list – example: for mother’s day, birthday, christmas, wedding, baby gifts etc.
  • treasure hunt! search our website for the new item each day and add it to your ‘win it’ board; someone will win all 10 items
  • upload an pin a photo of: you using your product, you opening your package, a before and after from using our service etc.
  • do a search for pins that match our brand message or asthetic – example: it could be colours, icons, words, quotes, images that people associate with your business or that represent what you stand for or are passionate about
  • create a mood board that represents our brand
  • go on a scavenger hunt to find these items – choose ones related to your biz, your services, your brand message
  • create a board to inspire our next product – example: colours, a certain style, a certain message, or problem that needs solving
  • create a board showing what ______ means to you – look for something related to your brand message example: eco, simplicity, family-time
  • create the perfect product bundle by pinning your favorite products from these sites – you could team up with complementary businesses for this one
  • search for the best ________ - get your fans to pin their favorite tip, recipe, pattern, blog post, printable, book, quote, song, women in biz etc; something related to your brand, and may be a way to contect with potential complementary businesses 

for some real examples of pin it to win it promotions pop over to my pinterest for biz board and look for the #PromotionExamples hashtag.

when deciding what sort of promotion you will run, consider the following; you willl want to build your promotion with these things in mind:

what is your goal?

  • get traffic back to your website
  • increase brand recognition
  • introduce more of your products/images to pinterest
  • establish your expertise in your niche
  • get more likes on facebook or get more subscribers (would have to make this a requirement to entry)

how will you choose a winner?

  • random entry chosen (use
  • most repins wins
  • public vote for the best entry
  • panel of judges for the best entry
  • you choose the best entry

what is the prize?

  • what are you giving away and how many are up for grabs
  • how will the prize be redeemed, is shipping included?
  • are there any substutions
  • keep in mind the higher the value of the prize the more bang you should get out of the promotion - for example a simple pin it to win it vs pinning a whole board full of items

how will you administer the promotion?

  • keep it simple – the more complicated the process the less likely people will participate
  • how will people enter – email you the URL of the pin or board, post the URL in your blog comments, tweet it to you, just pin it from your site (and you check what has been pinned)?
  • any required actions – name the board, #keyword or @tag the pin, use your website in description etc.
  • how will you keep track of entries
  • how will you choose a winner & notify the winner
  • what is the prize and how will it be collected
  • where will you host the information – on your blog? in a graphic you can pin? will it be easy to share the details on facebook, twitter, newsletter etc. as well?
  • is there anything not allowed?
  • your time frame
  • write up your instructions/terms to reflect these things

a note about pinterest rules

  • at this time pinterest does not have specific rules for promotions so holding a promotion on pinterest is a lot less constrictive than facebook. in its terms, you are not to:

Send any unsolicited or unauthorized spam and spam comments on posts, advertising messages, promotional materials, email, junk mail, chain letters or other form of solicitation;

Use the Service for any commercial purpose or the benefit of any third party, except as otherwise explicitly permitted for you by Pinterest or in any manner not permitted by the Terms;

  • as will all things related to marketing your business, don’t be spammy.
  • ‘commercial purposes’ is not well defined anywhere in the terms; this grey area means that businesses are exploring how to make use of this platrom. huge brands are using pinterest very effectively for promotions so it appears that, for now, this is allowed.
  • my big reminder is to keep to the spirit of pinterest – it is meant to be a place for people to pin the stuff they love, so keep your promotion in that spirit.

a note about leveraging your pinterest promotion accross platforms

  • share your pinterest promo your facebook fans; though facebook has rules for holding a promo there, there is nothing stopping you from telling people about your promo!
  • use the woobox pinterest app to add a pinterest tab to your facebook page - i love this app because you can link your whole pinterest account OR just one board. so you could create a board just for repinning your contest enteries and share those over on facebook too to build more buzz!
  • you can tweet pins too, so be sure to share enteries that way as well. you might have followers in one place and not the other!
  • share your favourite pins on your blog (pinterest has an easy embed code) or in your newsletter (mailchimp has a pinterest integration tool)

if you would like to read more about pinterest for biz try this post or visit the pinterest for biz board.