how to get more interaction on your facebook page

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we all know that the recent changes to facebook have effected how well our posts show up in newsfeeds. we have all felt the effects, i am sure!

i am still seeing pages comment ‘my posts aren’t showing up any more! if you want to see my posts in your newsfeed, click like!’ ummmmm, nice try but only people who are already seeing your posts in your newsfeed will click like, and that isn’t going to help you show up in anyone else’s newsfeed! and it actually doesn’t help that much for those likers either, your updates will show up for a bit but then fade away into obscurity once more.

long term, rich interaction is what you are after!

(read about edgerank – facebook’s algorithm for posts. sign up for edgerank checker)

here are some tips:

1. post often

once a day is probably not going to reach many people anymore, you should try to post every couple of hours if you can, or at least a few times each day.

check your insights. when do you get the most interaction? are there times you aren’t posting that you could make more effort on?

2. vary your posts

this is especially important if you are posting more often, but it will also help your edgerank. follow the 1:10 rule; for every 1 ‘salesy’ post (something for you) make 10 engaging posts (something for your fans).

trying to think of new things to post?

  • infographic
  • photograph
  • youtube video
  • article/website link
  • pinterest link/image
  • comic/cartoon/something funny
  • something snarky or sarcastic
  • something inspirational - a quote, verse, or saying
  • a question (yours or one from a reader/fan)
  • fan story/experience
  • comment on a news story
  • an opinion (yours or someone else’s)
  • instructions for something/a ‘how to’
  • your review of something

3. have a call to action

it is not enough to just post something interesting, if you want people to engage on your page you need to ask them to respond to the things you post!

not only will this improve your ‘talking about’ numbers and make your posts show up more often in newsfeeds, you will also get to actually engage with your fans. and isn’t that the point of a facebook page after all. (keep the social in social media people!)

make it simple and fun for fans to engage. what seems to work well?

  • shorter posts seem to get more engagement than long ones.
  • asking fans to reply with just one or a few words will often get the most engagement.
  • people also seem to love providing their opinions and advice so that is a great thing to ask for too.

need some ideas to vary your call to action and get people responding? try these:

  • fill in the blank
  • vote on your favourite
  • click ‘like’ if you agree
  • click ‘share’ and post to your page – help us spread the word
  • offer your opinion – what do you think?
  • give your advice – can you help?
  • true/false
  • yes/no/maybe (or as i always ask: yay/nay/meh)
  • =) / =( / =|  (or try:  like/dislike/don’t care if you aren’t into smileys)
  • thumbs up/thumbs down 
  • on a scale of one to ten, give a rating
  • what is wrong with this graphic/sentence/photograph?

4. use your page in new ways

you don’t have to (and in fact shouldn’t) use your page to sell sell sell your thing all the time. think about your target (your ideal customer or right people) – what interests them? what fears do they have? what problems? what would be entertaining to them? what would THEY like to share or talk about.

  • ask fans to submit their best instagram photos
  • ask fans to post a favorite website/shop/blog/magazine/youtube video/song/book/quote/kids toy
  • ask fans to share a story or experience
  • have a fun contest/competition (no prize necessary but the glory!)
  • have theme days: Q/A day, funny image day, best recipe day, most awesome pinterest find day, helpful tip day, eye-candy to get your through a crappy monday day (hello! i would pop by and visit just for that!)

just imagine that your facebook page is like having a little coffee corner in your shop (or a cocktail hour. hello! i would pop by and visit just for that!) if your 'right people' could pop in and have a coffee and chat, what would you chat about?

have fun. make it fun. that’s the beauty of facebook. it is not your shop. it is a place to make your shop more personal, engaging, and appealing.

what can you do to create that with your page?

would you like more ideas for using facebook for your biz? would you like to get answers to all of your facebook questions? would you like to kick ass on facebook? click here for the “facebook for biz” brainstorm.