how to build a sales mindset, and get over any ‘icky sales feelings’ you have, once and for all.

have you ever had the feeling that you wish you could just do your ‘thing’ and just let people come to you? without worrying about marketing and selling and promoting and hawking your wares all over the place?

because i know that many of us just don’t feel like ‘salespeople’ – we love doing what we do but the selling and marketing feels hard, or ineffective, or just plain icky. do you have days like that? does your whole business feel like that?

there are three things you can work on right now to improve that situation…

1. confidence

i know that a lot of what holds us back from selling and marketing is confidence. that “i am just not a natural sales person!” feeling. (i know it because i have had this feeling too!)

here is the thing. you do have confidence in you somewhere. if you didn’t you never would have started your biz in the first place. do you know how many women think “oh i wish i could start my own little biz” but never ever do. they don’t have that special confidence that micro-entrepreneurs have. this gig is hard freaking work. but here we are doing it. you do have confidence girl, so tap into that.

ACTION: every time those not-confident “but i am not a natural salesperson” feelings creep up i want you to take notice. then stop them in their tracks with a big “hell, yes i am!” remind yourself that a person with no confidence would never ever have made it this far. find that little seed of confidence that started you on this path and focus on it. confidence is like a muscle – you gotta exercise it to make it grow. fake it till you make it if you need to.

2. mindset

mindset is a very big factor in those “marketing and sales are too hard” feelings. you like doing your thing (making your product, performing your service, sharing information, sourcing out cool stuff for your retail shop, fill in the blank here) but you wish you could just do that and not have to promote yourself. 

here is the thing. you are an entrepreneur. you have a business. it might be little (one woman doing her thing from the kitchen table) but that does not mean you have a hobby or that your business shouldn’t act like one. if you have a purpose and prospect of profit you have a business. and in order to have a business you have to SELL STUFF. you are not a volunteer.

remember that you started your business because you believed that your product or service was worth putting it out into the world – that it would matter to people. so it is your duty to share it with the world. marketing and selling is just communicating. it is your job to tell the people who need/want what you do about it. if you don’t you are doing a disservice to the very people you wanted to serve in the first place! (and unfortunately you can’t just pop up a website and wait for people to come to you. you must communicate about what you do!)

ACTION: get crystal clear on the exact people who want what you offer and exactly why they do. every time you procrastinate on those marketing or selling tasks remind yourself that your people need what you do. that your business matters to them. and remind yourself that you are doing this to be of service to those people. and if you don’t tell them about what you offer, if you don’t communicate about your business, then you are doing a disservice. it is time to shift that mindset from “i can’t do sales/marketing’ to “i must do sales/marketing”.

3. authenticity

you know those feelings of “marketing feels so icky - i don’t want to push my thing on people” or “i feel like i am just saying the same thing over and over again” or “it seems like i am just doing what everyone else is doing – it’s so pointless” – those feelings often arise when we don’t feel authentic.

authenticity is when you do and say what you believe, when your actions match your feelings, when you are genuine. and the thing is, when you try to “sell your product/service” instead of genuinely sharing your passion that can make you feel icky. 

think about it – is there something that you could talk about all day long to anyone who would listen? that is not sales – that is genuine, passionate communication. is there something you would likely do even if you never got paid for it? that is authentic. there is a passion, or belief there that drives you to do what you do.

ACTION: you need to hone in on your spark – that purpose or passion or magic recipe that exists in the reason you started this business in the first place. why do you do what you do? why does it matter to people? when you can share that with the world you will automatically feel more confident. you will automatically begin to change those mindsets. you will automatically start connecting with people who believe what you believe. marketing won’t feel icky. you won’t even feel like you are doing marketing and selling, it will be a natural extension to share what you care about with the people you know will care.

i know that figuring out your why, finding your spark, and tapping into your genuine passion can be difficult (it has taken me years and a very winding path to figure out mine, and i know that it is still evolving!) but i really think it is the secret to success as a micro-business owner. we don’t have big budgets for salespeople and marketing departments. we rely on ourselves to do this work. so it is imperative to build confidence, change mindsets, and be authentic. if we don’t, i am not sure we will have the stamina to keep on building! if biz stops being fun, if we lose the joy and everything just feels too hard, then it is going to be hard to keep marching on. 

find your spark. you won’t be sorry. 

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