how to build a lighthouse

if you’ve been following along with the lighthouse revolution you know that i have been encouraging you to not just build a business, but build a lighthouse instead.

here is the video all about it…

the next question, of course, is how?

how do you build that strong foundation? how do you keep your light shining bright? how do you take those little steps to get past the stuff that has you stuck?

in the nearly 7 years of my business journey this is exactly what i’ve been trying to figure out.

(my brain loves to take the pieces of something and make them click... so i am constantly trying to find strategies that work, and find ways to make them doable and effective!)

i started out in the beginning learning all about biz. trying to figure out how to stand out with my biz. how to communicate with customers. i worked on marketing, and branding, and selling, and planning, and product creation and more.

it was fun. i loved learning about biz, i loved building my biz.

but within a few years, i lost my mojo. the lighthouse inspired me to find my spark and re-ignite my light.

i spent months thinking about who i was and working out the type of biz i wanted to build. i sought clarity and purpose, authenticity and simplicity.

and it all wrapped up back into all of the biz stuff, of course.

i soon realized there was more work to do.

i needed to build a strong, entrepreneurial mindset, an abundant mindset, one of worthiness and value and belief.

the mindset stuff is so important! and it’s made a huge difference in my biz.

but still, i spent last year thinking there was still something missing. i was ticking the boxes: building my biz, working on my mindset, keeping my spark ignited, but still struggling to deal with situations that had me feeling stuck.

overwhelm, lack of focus, comparison-itis, beating myself up for not doing things the “right way”, feeling like a loser, not being successful enough…

and i came back to the lighthouse. i realized that the mindset stuff is a bit like the strong foundation that a lighthouse has to stand tall and stand out and stay strong in any weather.

and the steps to the top are like the steps we each have to take to overcome the stuck stuff and keep going on our journey – that it might feel like we are going in circles sometimes but we are actually getting closer to our light, closer to the top.

and of course it all relates back to the biz stuff again… because your biz is a reflection of you.

the stronger you become, each step you take in your personal journey, also means that your biz becomes stronger, and those steps translate to your biz journey as well.

i am still working on the branding and marketing and selling and planning… but now i do it with who i am as a person and entrepreneur at the core.

biz + you… it’s all intertwined.

so what has made the biggest difference to me in the past 2 years since i started building a lighthouse instead of a biz?

  • getting clear about my why, my purpose, my strengths, my unique gifts and adjusting my biz branding/marketing/selling/products etc. to reflect that
  • getting clear about who my most awesome customer is and focusing on genuine, authentic connection with her, being of upmost service to her
  • working on building a positive mindset – building my confidence, my feelings of worthiness, working on my money mindset
  • surrounding myself with lighthouse keepers – those people who help keep me standing tall and shining bright – my biz bffs & mastermind have made the hugest difference to my biz + life
  • figuring out simple tricks and tools to get past the crap the gets me stuck – overwhelm, frustration, conflict, jealousy, lack of focus, fears, negative thoughts and more

of course, i am still working on all of this – working on the biz stuff and the "you" stuff and the biz stuff again… i love how denise duffield-thomas says “new level, new devil” – the work is never “done” is it?

but the difference now is that i know it is all part of the journey, and i now have a tool belt full of strategies to help me keep taking those steps.

i would love to share these little tools, tricks, and strategies with you. i’ve created the lighthouse project to offer my absolute favourites, the ones that have made the biggest difference to me and to the women i have helped over the years.

pop over here to test it out for free – i have 3 bite sized strategies loaded up for you to try. the lighthouse project starts on sept 1st and i would love to have you there with us. i know these little strategies will make a huge difference in your biz & your journey.