happy biz birthday!

3 years ago i started build a little biz as a little *thing* on the side - a place to share what i was learning as i worked on building my own little biz - a photography & design business.  

over the years this blog has evolved and grown into what it is now... i decided last year to close down my photography business and turn build a little biz into my full time business, and focus completely on the work i was doing with women in biz. 

i love it so much - i love that i get to learn and teach and create every single day, i love that i have found something fulfilling and FUN to do as *work*, but most of all i love that i get to connect with amazing women in biz.

YOU all are the best part of doing what i do. i love that i get to be a part of YOUR journey, even as i am forging my own. i love that i get to watch you SHINE. 

thank you to each and every one of you. for reading this blog. for chatting on facebook. for all of the emails and skype calls and phone calls. for tweeting and pinning and sharing and liking.

some of you have grown to be true blue friends. some of you i am only just meeting now (thank you for saying hi!) some of you have been quiet fans for a long time (and that is totally cool too!)

i just want you to know i value you all so freaking much. and i feel lucky every single day that i get to wake up and be here in this space with. you are indeed GOLD.

from the bottom of my heart, i am so grateful for you. here is to another amazing, shiny, year.  



ps - as a big thank you we are having our famous annual *pay what you want* sale on all build a little biz workbooks. only till the end of the weekend so pop over to the classroom now to pick up your books - you name the price!