guest post | why your heart should rule your head

today we have a guest post from Sam Leader of Flying Solo talking about something i believe in 100%. pop your comments below, we would really love to hear from you?

What if I were to tell you that you had, at your disposal, an amazing decision making tool that can help private and professional relationships flourish? Well, you do. It’s your intuition or inner voice.

Cynics, please bear with me! I used to dismiss inner voice talk as a bit mumbo jumbo-y, but on the back of a dodgy decision where I proceeded because everything on paper stacked up (although my heart whispered “No”) I decided to start giving my gut feeling the time of day.

And guess what? Ever since paying attention, it seems I’ve had the Midas touch. I am more decisive, confident and, well, more right than ever before.

Here are a few things it’s told me:

Go with the controversial headline

I was slightly scared to call a recent article of mine Why perfection sucks because headline and opinion wise, it’s a bit out there. But 40+ comments later, many of which agreed with my stance, I felt vindicated.

Slow down

I used to have terrible FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. For instance the list of what Flying Solo ‘should’ be doing in the social media space used to haunt me at night, but I’ve realised that “We’ll get there” is a fully acceptable policy. 

Get in touch

My head told me ‘give them space’ and ‘they’ll know I’m here.’ But my heart told me to phone my grieving friends. It was a call which, while difficult to make, was very necessary to receive.

Don’t take on that client

I didn’t listen. I should have. Enough said.

I’ve found fear has been an enemy to my intuition. Fear of putting myself out there, missing out, compounding pain and losing money all threatened to hamper my better judgement.

But my intuition has made me more courageous and what’s more, consistently acting on its advice means I’m more in tune with it than ever before.

My colleagues have noticed it too, and I’ve been called on to make decisions when my partners are at an impasse. So if Flying Solo collapses in a heap in coming months, you’ll know who to blame.

“Go to the doctor” “Don’t overreact” “ Take a holiday” What is your intuition telling you? Or is your inner voice too quiet for you to hear it? Tell all below.

Sam Leader is a director of Flying Solo, Australia's micro business community. She is the co-author, with Robert Gerrish and Peter Crocker, of the business bestseller Flying Solo - How to go it alone in business. She oversees Flying Solo's presence on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and she is also Mistress of Mojo, ensuring motivation stays high for everyone involved in Flying Solo.