guest post | Should you list your prices on your website?

today we have a guest post from Alli Price of answering a question i get asked often by little biz builders: Should you list your prices on your website?

An interesting discussion came up at a recent Businessmums’ Club in Melbourne. Interesting because it pretty much split the room and there seemed to be no agreement as to what was the right thing to do.

The question? Should you list your prices on your website?

The answer? It seemed there was no answer. And the reason was that every mum in that room had a different income, a different attitude to what they would pay for services for themselves and their families.

The only thing everyone could agree on was that listing your prices on your website is as dependant on your target market, your business vision and you as every other decision you make for your business. However, there are a few points that can be considered to help you make the decision that’s right for you:

  1. What are your personal views on whether prices should be listed? Does it drive you crazy if they’re not there or do you expect not to see them?
  2. What are your target markets personal views? What would they expect to see on a website offering the service you do?
  3. What are your target markets presumptions on viewing a site without prices? i.e. too expensive, I won’t call or a quality service
  4. Is your service priceable? Can you price even a basic service or package and invite contact for more involved work?

So, the answer for me is yes.

  • Personally, I hate when prices aren’t listed on a site and am loathe to call as am expecting the pitch,
  • My target market like to see prices as many can’t afford the high price of business services
  • My services are priceable – pricing a mentoring session or an event is not as tough as putting a price on developing a website.

So what about you? Do you list your prices? Do you like to see them listed? 

a not from karen: the answer for me is yes too. i will often not bother contacting the biz owner for prices if they are not listed - i will just go with the biz that has listed prices. and for my photography biz i feel like listing my prices helps to narrow in on my target - i weed out all of those people who i am not the right fit for and save myself time answering inquiries that won't go anywhere. what do you think? add your comments below, we would love to hear from you!