guest post | 100+5 Kickass Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Page Plus

from guest author Prerna Malil
Does your Facebook page seem a little quiet? 
Do your posts seem to disappear into nowhere?  
Are your fans just numbers and not your community?  
Well, then, my friend, I have just the solution for you – seriously simple but superbly kickass ways to boost engagement on your Facebook page, like, right now! 

1. Ask a Question, But Not Any Question 

Yes, everyone asks questions, but do they get answered? Um, not really? The idea is to ask a question that your audience will LOVE to answer, will want to answer, will jump over each other to answer. You get my point, right. How do you know which question to ask then? You spend some time understanding what your audience specializes in. You play on their strengths, you focus on their needs, wants, desires and then, you ask.  
For instance, on the Mogul Mom Facebook page, I tend to have a Workspace Wednesday meme going on where each Wednesday, I ask a question related to of course, a mom entrepreneur’s workspace. The interaction is immense and interesting.  
Similarly, Karen on the build a little biz Facebook page, starts the day by asking people how she can help them. Any guesses as to the response rate?  
So, spend some time identifying what your audience would love to share, ask, know, find out and then, ask? Also, make your questions interesting. You can share a snippet, a fact, a photo even, and then, ask a question.  

2. Share a Photo, But Not Any Photo

Photos, too, are really popular with Facebook fans and tend to go viral fast. But again, don’t share just any photo. Share one that your readers would relate to. Share one that stirs up emotions. Share a photo that would spur your readers into action. And yes, don’t forget the call to action. Ask your readers to like or share the photo should they agree with what it depicts.
Tell your fans what you’d like them to do and chances are they will. They are your fans, after all. 

3. Conduct a Virtual Tour of Your Office 

This is a fantastic way to show the person behind the page, so to speak. You can combine the photo idea in the point above and share a photo of one part of your home office every day. At the end of the week, you’ll have a nice little album that readers can look at and know more about how you do business. 

4. Host a Contest

The evergreen. The favorite for every online marketer. The Facebook contest. First things first, run the contest in accordance with Facebook guidelines. That means, no contest on your wall, no picking winners on your wall, nothing. Install a third-party tab or application and run your contest through that. 
Also, don’t just run any contest. Make it spicy, interesting, one that people would want to enter. Here are 7 great contest ideas for small biz owners to experiment with.   

5. Answer, Share, Invite 

Finally, make sure that your fan page is a place fans would want to congregate and commune at. Make it inviting. If there are comments, acknowledge them. If there are questions, answer them. Invite people to share by asking them to do so.  Make your online presence an engaging one just as you do in real life. 
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Prerna Malik works with ‘little’ businesses on their web content and social media strategy. Co-owner of Social Media Direct, she offers quality, customized support to entrepreneurs and business owners helping them to build better brands online. Be sure to sign up for a FREE one-on-one strategy session and move towards focused, productive social networking.