how do you set & plan out your goals?

it’s that bizplantastic time of year where we are setting goals and planning out what, how, and when we are going to get done this year.

in the bizplantastic workbook i share some of my own personal strategies for doing this, as well as a number of other suggestions that come highly recommended. because in the end, you need to find the strategies that work for YOU.

over the years i have realized i am both a planner and spontaneous, both left and right brained, both logical and emotional. so i know now that planning out the specifics of my goal and then creating a to do list is not enough. i need to explore the emotional side to.

so when i have a goal in mind this is what i brainstorm:

the details

the more details i can provide about my goal the better (the universe has a way of delivering exactly what you order up!)

  • what exactly is my big picture here?
  • what do i want to accomplish? when?
  • who do i wish to serve? how?

the result

as i am working on my goal i like to visualize the end result.

  • what is my intention here (or my why)?
  • what will it feel like when it’s a done deal?
  • how will this have helped others or made and impact in the world?


we all have obstacles that can hold us back from achieving our goals (both mental & physical), so i find that if i face these head on at the start i can overcome them.

  • what fears do i have around this? why is it scary?
  • what worries do i have? what could go wrong?
  • what is standing in my way?


this is where i jot down ideas for action i can take right now to get the ball rolling on this goal.

  • what steps do i need to take?
  • what do i need to learn or figure out?
  • what help will i need?

once i have started on the action list i can expand on it turn it into an actual to do list and start planning things into my calendar. i tend to break the goal down into little achievable chunks – it makes it feel a lot more doable. or if it is a more general long term goal i can start thinking about what small steps i can take each day towards achieving the goal.

i personally like to leave space in my biz planning for what the universe will send my way and for new directions and evolution that my biz will take. so i don’t usually meticulously plan out every tiny aspect of my goals.

instead i like to have the big picture in mind – focus on my why and on how it will feel when it is accomplished – acknowledge my fears so i can get past them – and of course be ready to take action.

but again, i think that we each should find what works for us! if you are into timelines and testing and measurable results and specific milestones, then totally do that.

what are your goals this year? how will you plan them out & get them done?

to help you figure that out, grab this goal planning sheet -  i have taken one of the brainstorming printables from the bizplantastic workbook and added headings to help use it for your goals.

if you want more fabulous printable sheets as well as more strategies for taking your goals and actually planning them out into your business calendars and getting your projects accomplished – do check out the bizplantastic workbook.

and if you have a method you like to use when setting goals, planning and getting things done, do share it – if you link to a blog post or an image i would love to pin it & share it.

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