get unstuck. keep marching on.

one of the things i think we need to do as biz builders is to get out of our own way. i have realized that so much of what gets me feeling “stuck” is more of a mindset issue than it is an actual problem that needs solving.

i have shared in the past how i combat some of my mindset issues – i try to be aware of my “go to” responses to fear, and then i try replace those responses with something else.

when my brain says…

and i have one more mantra that i use more than any other…

keep marching on.

this one is actually from a song by one republic, and the first time i heard it something just clicked in my head. i now say it to myself all. the. time.

  • when i am feeling overwhelmed that i have so much to do.
  • when i am feeling like there is not enough time
  • when i have a huge job in front of me
  • when i have had a set back or something has flopped
  • when i realize someone else is already doing what i want to do
  • when i realize someone has actually copied my branding and my business focus
  • when i am having a crap day and just can’t cope

i just tell myself “keep marching on”.

one foot in front of the other.

… it will all get done

… it will be ok

… something new is right around the corner

… keep your eyes on your own path

so when you email me or say hi on facebook, and i reply with “keep marching on”, now you know why.  =)

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