get the most out of facebook - make lists!

did you know that facebook decides what you see in your newsfeed?

the newsfeed favours friend posts over posts from pages. this means you may not be seeing much from your favourite pages, and i bet that those page owners missing hearing from their favourite fans! 

i know that facebook's constant changes have been quite irritating for many facebook users. the best way to keep from getting overwhelmed by your newsfeed and to keep on top of things that are important to you is to create lists!

you may have already use one of facebook's default lists (eg family, close friends, work) - but you can create your own very easily! you can add friends AND/OR pages to lists so it is really easy to check in with all of your favourites with the click of one button.

so why not make some lists for your favourite pages, just as you would for your best friends or family?

  • favourite mum run little businesses 
  • favourite handmade items
  • favourite kids toys & clothes
  • favourite stuff just for mum!
  • favourite advice, tips & support
  • favourite community pages

how to make a list of your favorite pages:

  • visit one of your favourite pages
  • click the little arrow near the 'liked' button, under the cover image on the right
  • click 'add to interest lists'
  • click to create a 'new list' 
  • you will be then taken to a screen where you can very easily add as many pages as you like to your list - click on your favourites and then click next
  • now you can name your list and decide who can see it (if you make it public others can subscribe to it - what a great way to spread the word about the awesome pages you love!)

now what?

  • to the left of your newsfeed, under your groups, there is a section for interests. those are your lists. with the click of one button you can see posts from all of your favourites. no more missing out on anything good!
  • also, it is very easy to add new pages/people to your lists. when you like a new page and want to add it to an interest list just click on that little arrow near the like button, under the cover, and then just click on the list you want it in. done. so easy right?

this only takes a few minutes to do and it really does make your experience on facebook much less overwhelming. with the click of one button you can check in with all of your favourites, instead of searching through a long and crowded newsfeed that might not necessarily show you what you want. 

please support the little businesses you love on facebook by adding them to one of your lists. i know they would love to keep hearing from you, one of their favorite fans!

cheers =)