Fear is your friend - How to use it to get ahead of the game

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by guest author cassie lee

What is your ambition for your business? Do you strive to bring in a six figure income every year? Do you aim to be among the best in your niche? Do you want to serve and help as many people as you can through your products/services?

Bigger goals may bring up bigger fears. It may even bring up forgotten or suppressed fears because you never had the need to deal with them in the past. Fear is scary but it can also be a good thing.

You have 2 options at this point – you can either let the fear take over and give up on your goal or you can choose to use this fear to your advantage and win. 

This is not a post about negativity, so let us dive into ways you can use fear to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

Fear = Creativity

When you are afraid to do something, use your creative muscles and see what alternatives you can come up with. There is always more than one solution to any problem. All of us are creative and by giving any issue a little in-depth thought we will have the answers.

For example: you have a fear of public speaking and the thought of speaking in front of real people makes you stutter. Depending on what message you’d like to spread with your talk, you can do it online (so no one can actually ‘see’ you), via blog posts or doing written interviews, or you can start off with a smaller group (5-6 people) to make the experience less daunting.

Fear busting tip: To exercise your creative muscles, think about what you can do if there is no fear stopping you. Close your eyes and let your imagination fly. Note down everything that you have ‘seen’. Is there something that you can do in real life?

Fear = Meeting new people

When you have fears surrounding your business, it may seem that you are alone and stuck with no solution. Always remember that you are never the only one. This planet is filled with over 7 billion people and most of whom you haven’t met. There are others who have the same fears and have different ways of conquering it. Seek out these people. New connections will bring in new ideas and new friendships.

Fear busting tip: With the convenience of internet and a little poking around, it is not difficult to come across new friends who have similar fears as you. Reach out to them and form genuine connections. Who knows? You may be presented with solutions that you wouldn’t have thought of in the first place.

Fear = Growth

Having fears doesn’t mean that you are never going to be successful. Instead of viewing fear negatively, see it as an opportunity to better yourself. Learn about your fear. Find out why it exists in you. Actively seek for answers to keep the fear under control. Don’t let it conveniently stop you from achieving your goals because one day you will get tired of being left behind.

Fear busting tip: There is no better time than now to start taking action towards your own growth. Talking to a mentor, coach or a trusted friend can help you through this.

Fear = Clarity

Next time when you are afraid of something, ask yourself why are you feeling this way? What is it about that particular fear that makes you feel sick inside? Next, connect your fear with your business. How will the fear stop you from reaching your targets? Is it relevant to your business vision? A detailed understanding on how a certain fear will prevent you from getting what you want makes it easier to look for solutions.

Fear busting tip: Write down your business goals. Write down the fears that will stop you from reaching it. Use the previous fear busting tips to help you come up with ways to take action on your fears.

Fear = Focused

Ever noticed that when you are afraid of something, you tend to be more sensitive towards things that may trigger the fear? Fear actually helps you stay more focused because you are actively taking steps to ensure that your fear doesn’t stop you at your tracks. It forces you to have a plan on what to do to minimise the fear. You will look out for opportunities to manage your fears or how to use it to your advantage.

Fear busting tip: Write out a plan on what you can do whenever the fear comes up. Having a plan ensures that you concentrate on what to do to stay on track.

Remember, fears will only cripple you if you allow it to. Make a conscious decision now to not let it control your life and stop you from getting what you want.

Which fear is stopping you from being a success? What can do you about it?

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