my little rant about email marketing

dear email marketers,

you seem to value my readership so i need you to hear me out about something.

over the past couple of weeks i have received at least a dozen emails from *big* online marketing peeps about the new gmail inbox.

in case you aren’t familiar, gmail just rolled out a new feature where they automatically sort your emails for you into tabs – eg promotional, updates, social, etc. you can move emails into tabs yourself and *teach* gmail how you want them to be sorted, you can edit your tabs, or you can turn the feature off entirely.

do note: you could already filter and sort your emails in gmail by creating rules, and you can do this in other email platforms as well, so it is not like this is something unheard of before.

but suddenly gmail creates a new feature and email marketers start freaking out and my inbox is full of emails warning me that if i don’t change my settings i will miss out on emails, and it is the end of the online marketing world as we know it.

i get that this changes things a little. but would you mind not insulting my intelligence, or my email system, or my ability to find, open, and read an email!

i LIKE my new gmail inbox. in fact i am MORE likely to actually open and read my emails from you now. before, my inbox would start to feel overwhelming and i would often just delete everything. now all of my email newsletters are nicely sorted for me into one handy tab. they don’t overwhelm me anymore and now i can just grab a frosty beverage and read through all of my newsletters and updates at my leisure.

i LIKE my email settings just the way they are so please stop telling me how to *fix* them. and i have to say an email warning about my gmail settings feels just as spammy as those facebook posts about how if i don’t adjust my settings and like your post i will never hear from you again.

so please – stop sending *urgent warnings* about gmail (especially when it looks like you just copy and pasted the same email as everyone else is using) and just worry about delivering awesome content.

because if you do, i will be sure to keep opening your emails. it is that simple.

fyi, this is what i love best about an email from one of my favourite online peeps…

  • awesome helpful, entertaining, useful, interesting, inspiring, relevant, or otherwise kick ass content.


  • an email that speaks to me like a real person, not just another precious number in a list of subscribers

i call it customer love. treat me like i matter, and offer something that will rock my world.

if you can do that, no matter where gmail sorts your email, i will find it and read it. because i already decided i like you and want to hear from you. don’t make me change my mind. just like i know how to work my gmail settings i also know where the unsubscribe button is. i am savvy like that.

just saying,


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