don't know what to blog about? 6 tips & 13 ideas to get you blogging

most commonly asked question at build a little biz: how can i can spread the word about my biz for free?

most common answer i give. blog. 

i have shared the 5 reasons you need a blog. i have addressed the things holding you back from blogging. i have shared 15 inspiring examples of blogs run by a little biz.

i know you are reading along saying "yah, yah, i know karen! i have heard it all before. but i still don't have anything to blog about."

it's ok, you can be honest. you don't think you have anything to say in regards to whatever it is you sell. 

here are some tips to get you thinking about what you can blog about:

1.  Write about something you love. You need to sustain your writing for a long period of time so it is going to help if you are passionate about the subject.

2.  Write about something that will stand out. Be controversial, outrageous, funny, odd, laid back, raunchy, sassy – well you get the idea. Embrace an inner part of yourself and let it shine on your blog. Show some personality and be memorable.

3.  Write about something that you are or can become an expert on. If you can be the ‘go-to-girl’ for your particular topic people will trust you and appreciate you and then probably buy whatever you are selling.

4.  Write something that solves a problem for someone. Give away valuable free stuff (information, advice, assistance) even if it the same stuff you sell. Give them a mini-version of what you sell, you help them they will trust you and like you and buy the bigger stuff.

5.  Write stories. People love a good story. If you can tell a story that relates to what you are selling, people will buy your thing for the story they get to tell about it.

6.  Look around for similar blogs to the one you want to write. What are those dudes NOT writing about? Now write about that.

need some examples? try to apply these ideas to your biz:

  • you sell accessories and love fashion? write fashion tips, do’s and don’ts, use polyvore to show great outfit combinations, have people send in photos so you can help them make an outfit look amazing
  • you sell only organic, locally made, cruelty free skin care products? write about your passion for the environment and why healthy choices are important. give tips and tricks that people could do in their everyday life.
  • you are a virtual assistant helping busy little biz owners with the jobs they need to get done? write time saving and organizational tips that will help those same biz owners. write posts that show how you can save them money & time. 
  • you sell products for new mums and new babies? write the god’s honest truth about new mommyhood. be funny and real and engaging. new mums love a place they can go and not feel alone. hell, we all love that!
  • you are a personal trainer and sell group exercise sessions? you are passionate about the outdoors? write about the excellent places to go for walks or runs in your city. or about activities that you can do outdoors that are exercise without you even knowing it. or about ways to organize your day better so people can have an extra 30 minutes outside.
  • you have a home based hair salon and love celebrity gossip? write a celebrity blog that focuses on hair styles and fashion. like the “I can’t believe they wore that”, “who wore it better” and “how to recreate it” sections of the celeb magazines.
  • you sell cakes for special occasions? write about parties. give tips and recipes and activity ideas and decoration ideas and invitation ideas and shopping lists for setting up theme parties.
  • you sell beauty products and your ideal customers are moms and wives looking for a way to pamper themselves? get people to submit funny stories about the crazy things we all want to get away from for a night – kids, husbands, mothers-in-law, jobs, bosses, housework. Turn your blog into a mini girl’s night out – laughs, friends, wine, and pampering!
  • you sell personal coaching to stay at home mums who want to get back into the work force. turn your blog into an advice column. Answer a reader question every day. Include questions from facebook, twitter, and any other social forums you are a part of.
  • you make hand crafted toys for kids? write personalized stories to go with each toy you sell. include the child’s name and illustrations or photos of the toy. the family will love it and i would bet they would share their story (and therefore your blog) with everyone they know!
  • you are a photographer? share location ideas, what to wear, how to bribe your kids to be good for the photographer, how to do your kids hair so it doesn't look dumb in photos, how to tilt your head so you don't look like you have  tripple chin, what the heck to do with all of the photos once you have the disc.
  • you are a wedding celebrant? share favorite wedding songs, quotes, rituals, locations, bridesmade outfits, speaches! share your joy for all aspects of weddings.
  • you sell handmade jewellery? share a small bit of meaning behind each piece you make. people often buy jewellery because of it's meaning, or the emotional attachment they have. give them something to get attached too. 

these are just a few random ideas i came up with as i was working on this post. obviously you need to write something that fits you and your biz, and if you need some more help i have a whole workbook full of brainstorming activities that will help you come up with ideas.

click here to have a look at the build a blog blueprints. step-by-step instructions for adding an awesome blog you your business.