how do you deal with negative crap?

i wasn’t planning on doing another “kick ass inspiration” type post this week after posting about JFDI last week – i figured that little mantra was enough to keep us all busy for a while!

but then i came across this awesome graphic from heather james at inspiring mums and i was compelled to chat about it here.

i think one of the hardest parts about being a little biz builder is feeling isolated… like no one gets us. when we do talk to people about the work we are doing we often hear comments that can really rub us the wrong way, even if they are not intended to be negative.

and if we aren’t hearing crap from other people, we are saying it to ourselves. (i know we all have negative comments that we tell ourselves sometimes. right?) and working on our own means we don’t have any one to shake us out of that negativity.

so when i came across heather’s graphic my initial thought was YES!! ugh! i am so done with it! and then i realized as soon as i read her comments that i had a few more creeping around inside my skull.

i was compelled to write out my own list, and i have to say this was such a cathartic exercise.

i grabbed my notebook and just started jotting down any negative crap comment that i have heard over the past 5 years. i realized that some of them really don’t phase me. whatevs. but some really get under my skin. festering. pushing my buttons.

choosing those festering ones, writing them out, and then declaring very loudly at the end - "i am DONE listening" -  well it is like taking a breath of fresh air.

and now, declaring this publicly on this page feels even better. at first i wasn’t going to share this so publicly – after all some of the people who have said comments like this to me might be reading! but i thought that maybe by sharing my own list i might help one person feel like they are not alone, like there is someone out there who gets them.

and you know what? sending this message loud and clear to the universe feels so damn good.

i declare that i am done listening.

whether the negativity comes from outside sources or from my own brain…  i am done. those comments are not about ME anymore. i don’t own them. i will no longer let them fester.

so try this for yourself. grab this blank image or this pdf printable version and write down the crap you are done listening to (whether it comes from others or sneaks into your own mind). sign your name to it. declare it publically if you like or just out loud to the universe.

and the next time a negative comment creeps in just think of this and say it with me: i am done listening.

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