does your product represent your brand?

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if you have been following my blog for a while now you know that branding is a passion of mine. i always remind my readers that your logo is not your brand. your brand is a message that you are sending out to the world about your biz.

and one excellent way that you can send that message is with your products themselves including the way you package them, what you name them, how you display them and more. your branding does not end with your logo and your business card!

your products

consider the materials you use, the inspiration that goes into creation or development, the passion you have for what you do, the methods/processes behind making your product… in what ways do these things represent your overall brand message? identify and share those aspects of your product in your marketing materials/website/blog/facebook, it will help your biz be memorable!

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product names

the way you name your products or the service packages you offer can be a simple but fun way to express your brand message. make your whole business stand out by sticking with the themes of your brand as you come up with product names. this can also be a way to involve your fans – get their ideas, have little contests or ‘winners’ to help you!

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we often get so caught up in the products of our business that we overlook the finishing touches such as packaging. this can be another component of your biz to have some fun with! eco-friendly packaging, recycled materials, packaging that is a product of itself (something that can be used over and over) handmade touches and special details… these can all be ways to make your packaging part of your brand message and give your customers something to talk about!

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displaying your product

whether you have product images online, have a display in a retail shop, have a market stall, or a printed brochure/catalogue the way you present your product should match your brand message. and this counts if you sell a service instead of a physical product – you are still showing off what you sell so be sure you are sending the right message!

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i have written about the fact that your pricing is part of your brand so i won't go on about it again, but it is worth a reminder here since we are talking about products, and pricing & products go hand in hand. your price is part of your brand. don't forget it!

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your product is your brand

the product you sell was most likely the starting point for your business, and creating that product is probably still your favorite part of having a business. for most of us, the product is the easy part of biz (it is all that other business stuff that is challenging!)

just don’t forget that even that most basic component of your business is still part of your brand. have some fun with these methods of expressing your brand and use it as a way for your business to stand out amongst the competition. give your customers a reason to rave about the package they got in the post, the products they viewed online, or the passion that goes into your work!

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