customer delight

last week we addressed how you can learn from every interaction with every customer, even when it feels like there is not a lot of customer love happening!

this week let’s focus on something more LOVEY!

a lot of biz owners think about customer service & customer satisfaction…  i am sure we all work towards those things in our business.

but what if you went above and beyond service & satisfaction…

what if you strived towards customer DELIGHT?

just imagine delighting your customers. what would that be like for them? for you? for your business? imagine the effect of all of your customers walking away feeling absolutely delighted!

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here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

do something surprising.

for example: one-of-a kind packaging or packaging that can be reused or repurposed;  inclusion of a gift, a bonus, a tester, or some other freebie; send a reward or a gift as a thank you for referrals; check in on a customer for no other reason that just to say hello; turn a mistake or error into a chance to do something delightful;

do something personal.

for example: send a hand written, personal thank you letter; feature your customers by sharing their story via photo or video; create unique branded thank you cards, greeting cards, post cards or biz cards that do double duty as something inspiring or helpful that customers will want to hang on to and display; remember little details about your customers and mention them in new interactions;

do something remarkable.

for example: be faster than the agreed upon timeframe; make things easier for your customers than they have found anywhere else; help them with something that really has them stuck; anticipate exactly what they will need and then provide it before they even have to ask for it; offer an excellent guarantee or return policy;

when you are working with your most awesome customers, providing amazing customer service feels easy. you love working with them, you naturally want them to be happy, and you genuinely want to be of service.

and when you deeply understand and genuinely connect with your most awesome customer you will get to know what delights them. find that thing and then add it to your customer service!

what can you do to go above and beyond customer service & customer satisfaction? what can you do to create customer delight?

the customer love workshop addresses all of these aspects of customer service and more. not only do we work on that deep understanding & genuine connection, but we work on building long term customer relationships right into our biz plans. join us!