why i am passionate about b-school


2 years ago i had this period in my biz where i totally lost my spark. around this time i had some help from a friend who is a reiki healer and she told me this…

“Loneliness is factoring in your love of what you do… You are not far from finding someone in your circle of girlfriends who is going to extinguish your loneliness in a heartbeat. You'll feel it when she arrives because you'll get tingles rushing up your spine and the back of your head will feel like it's got sparklers flying out of it.”

this year it happened! and i found not just 1, but THREE business bffs. that “tingles rushing up your spine thing” happens every time we are together. i am not exaggerating when i say that these women have changed my life, i am grateful every single day that we were brought together.

and it is all thanks to b-school.

if you are in the online business space you may have already heard about b-school, and we are nearing the open date for the 2014 round of this program, so you will likely hear a lot more about it.

for those that don’t know, b-school is an 8 week online business course presented by marie forleo.

i joined b-school 2 years ago, so this will be my 3rd time going through the program. and yes, it is so good that i do it over and over again.

i am passionate about b-school and strongly encourage entrepreneurs and micro biz builders to consider investing.

here is a bit about my story, and why i am passionate about b-school.

6 years ago, in 2008 i started on my little biz journey with a photography business. because i am a teacher i am also an avid learner and i tackled learning about business like i would any subject.

in july 2010 i started the build a little biz blog as a place to share what i was learning about biz and a place to connect with like minded women.

i kept working in my photog biz and considered it to be successful, professional, and enjoyable. plus i started dabbling in writing about biz and mentoring women in biz/ i was happy.

in 2012 i lost my mojo. i had just had a baby, my life was different, my energy was different and i was lost. i wasn’t sure if i should focus on photography, focus on biz mentoring, focus on blogging and writing, do something else, go back to a regular teaching job… i was stuck.

i was invited to be an affiliate for b-school and went through the free training along with my readers and peers. i loved marie’s fun and funky style, and her passionate approach to teaching about business. the stuff she said just clicked, and the free training was so awesome that i thought about doing b-school myself.

at first i balked at the $1999 price tag. at that time my photography biz wasn’t bringing in a lot of money (as i had slowed right down while pregnant, and then subsequently lost my mojo entirely.)

ironically around the same time i thought about purchasing a thermomix (which has the same price tag.) i had this absolute moment of clarity – i was willing to invest in a cooking machine but not in my business? not in my dream? not in the opportunity to make a living doing work that i love?

in that moment i knew that it was time to show my biz (and my dream) a little love. to invest in b-school and get serious about taking things to the next level.

thanks to b-school…

my business is awesome.

i decided to shut down the photography biz and focus on build a little biz as a full time business

i found my spark – i got back to teaching, i explored my creativity through visual marketing, i realized that what i do best is brainstorming, unstucking, and inspiring

i followed my instinct that the creative visual stuff i did through photography could help women in biz and started talking about visual marketing as a strategy in an of itself. (and 2 years later this is one of the hottest trends for business! so awesome!)

my profits have increased.

in the year that followed b-school i earned 10x the amount i had earned the previous year! i went from running a part time photog biz in order to earn some extra money on the side to creating a full time, full income earning online biz doing work that i absolutely love.

this financial year is looking to be even better! i am so excited to be earning more now being my own boss than i was when i was a full time school teacher. with full freedom and flexibility to run my biz the way i want to, around my family, and with time off to travel back to canada. so awesome.

my life has changed.

as i have already shared, the biggest thing for me this year has been meeting my people. you know the ones? those people who just totally GET you and lift you higher and cheer you on. not only do i have 3 biz bff's, i am part of a local network of b-schooler and we meet up regularly. 

plus i am part of national, international, and niche specific b-school networking groups. the awesome b-school network makes doing the program absolutely worth it. even without the amazing content. there is just something about this group of enetrepreneurs that is really special.

and the content is excellent – some of it you may have heard, some of it will be brand new, some of it will blow your mind.

the biggest difference though is implementation. BECAUSE of the big financial investment, i invested TIME and EFFORT into my business, in a way that i hadn’t before. i took the time to work ON my biz, instead of just in it.

and that is why i redo it every year. each year i take the time to work ON my biz again, and in doing so i take my business to new levels.

so i highly encourage you to watch marie’s FREE video training. see how you like it. see if the b-school style suites you. chat with people who have done it. and consider doing it yourself.

the FREE video training starts now, b-school will be open for registration from feb 19th-march 5th and starts on march 10th.

my b-school bonus offer:

because i am so passionate about b-school i am thrilled to be an affiliate again this year. affiliates are chosen by invitation only, so i feel very honoured that the build a little biz community is valued by the b-school team.

as an affiliate, i earn a commission when you join b-school using my affiliate link. to thank you for doing so i will have an awesome bonus for you:

an all access pass to the brand new visual marketing school that will launch this month. (value $999). the benefit of this is that when you have finished b-school and want to update your branding, create new visual content to promote your business, create an opt in ebook or introductory video, or so many of the other visual marketing strategies you can try… you will have the freedom and confidence to do all of this.

in addition you have a lifelong membership to my exclusive b-school mastermind group. the benefit of this is that you have additional personal help from me as you go through b-school – you can post questions, ask for feedback, get fresh eyes, or just have your very own cheerleader in your back pocket…  i want to support you as you do this program.

plus i am including access to the customer love workshop + the amplify your brand workshop (value $499 + $499). these workshops will just help you keep applying everything you have worked on in b-school to different parts of your biz: your branding & how you share your brand message online + your customer service, customer retention, word-of-mouth, systems and more.

access to these workshops is lifelong - so you use them when you need them. simple. do b-school now, do the other stuff when you are ready. 


there will be many affiliates offering wonderful bonuses during this b-school launch. definitely shop around and see what would interest you. please be aware that the LAST link you click to REGISTER is the one that will be recorded as affiliate. so if you decide to join b-school and want my bonuses you must be sure to click my link when you join.

of course i would love very much for you to join b-school as part of the build a little biz tribe! here is what a few of last year's group had to say about their experience with b-school. i have loved being part of their journey… the relationships we form in b-school really are the best!

from louise glendon - louise glendon photography - click grow love

“B-School is one of the best decisions I have made, in my business for sure, but I can genuinely say that it has had a positive impact on my life in general and has opened up friendships and networks with amazing like-minded women which continue to inspire me! The business and marketing skills that I learnt through B-School provided me with invaluable resources to approach my existing business with renewed confidence, and just four months after the course I had replaced the income from my regular job and was able to leave.  Not only has my business thrived, but B-School also inspired me to create an online start-up, from scratch.  Several months after developing the idea I held my first launch which succeeded beyond my expectations, and continues to excite me with the possibilities of its potential, and without B-school I would never have considered the idea."

from helen butler - clutter rescue

"I have been in business for over five years and have an MBA - so I was a little uncertain about what I could learn from B School. But man am I glad I signed up! The level of content covered, the professionalism of the training and the women I met along the way are all amazing - and the outcomes for my business has been beyond what I ever thought possible. B School is not for the faint-hearted - but the outcomes, if you put in the effort, are definitely worth it!"

from katrina springer - the organized housewife

“BSchool helped me improve my websites functionality. All the tasks Marie set are achievable and many that I have always wanted to do to build my business, however never did because I didn't have time, that always tend to be my excuse. However for BSchool I set aside an hour each weekday to go through the module and put the tasks into action. I found the key was my time management and putting aside the time to complete BSchool, to action everything I learned and to improve my business.”

i am very happy to answer any of your questions about my b-school experience and about my business growth. fire away! i am an open book. if you have specific questions about b-school definitely contact the team there – they are amazing and there to help you.

and click here to get the free training. it is awesome!