Breaking Bad Beliefs About Money


from guest author sylvia chierchia 

What if your ability to generate and manage your business income had nothing to do with luck, aptitude or talent?

What if it had everything to do with your beliefs?

Is it possible to turn our money situation around just by changing our beliefs?

Absolutely it is!

For me, the only way forward with anything in life is action.  So the only way to break bad money beliefs in my opinion is to take action. You will need to look your money monster straight in the eye and you will need to do some inner and outer work to make the changes you need.

There are many reasons why women have bad money beliefs but the following 4 seem to be the most common reasons that I have come across…..

  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I’m scared of what I’ll find
  • Money isn’t that important to me
  • I’m creative, numbers bore me

Money coach and author Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, has said that she often hears women complain, “I am too stupid to learn about finance.” Kingsbury says, “It’s not that you are not smart enough, it is that you have not been socialized to talk about finance with others, and women tend to learn through conversation.”

So let’s talk. And let’s break down these misconceptions and bad money beliefs and turn things around.

I’m not smart enough

When you first go into business, there is so much to learn. Especially now, with the ever changing online biz world. Money and financial management may not be your most favourite things in the world, but it’s all part and parcel of running a business.

And you are smart enough otherwise you wouldn’t be a business owner in the first place; a person who has had the courage to put themselves out there and create the life they want. You can do this! It just takes practice and a willingness to learn.

There are a multitude of books and courses out there that can teach you the basics to get you started. Or it might make things easier having someone on your side who can guide you and educate you such as an accountant, financial adviser or a bookkeeper.

You won’t regret it and you will feel so incredibly empowered once you are on top of your business finances.

I’m scared of what I’ll find

Of course you are. You may have spent years, if not most of your adult life with your head buried in the sand. It’s time to shake that sand out of your hair now and be honest.

Without a good hard honest look at your financial situation, you can’t really hope to attain the financial abundance that you might be after. You won’t build that nest egg, or you won’t save for that trip you have dreaming about. And you probably won’t build the business of your dreams either.

Money honesty is hard. But it’s a must do. Again, find someone you trust who will help you. You don’t need to rip the Band-Aid off in one go, but it really is time for the Band-Aid to be peeled back.

So open the statements, check the accounts, track the spending. Work out your spending habits and figure out your spending triggers. It’s time to get real. It might be really painful but it’s the only way forward.

Money isn’t that important to me

Well if that’s the case, you probably won’t have any!! You know the old adage – do unto others as you want others to do unto you….. Same goes for money. It may sounds kooky, but treat money with contempt and disdain and that’s how it will treat you right back.

Money should be treated with appreciation and respect and if you aren’t doing that, then that may be contributing to not having enough or not making enough or simply not keeping the money that comes in.

Check in with yourself and see how you really feel about money and let it be your guide. You may need to dig deep and see where some of these beliefs are coming from, but once you can identify them, you can start to change the way you think and feel about money.

I’m creative, numbers bore me

I get this. I really do. It’s that whole left brain/right brain thing. It’s a label that we put on ourselves and it’s often just a way to get out of doing something we don’t want to do.

I would always call myself a “left brainer”. I would always say that I was very analytical and not very creative. And by saying this over and over, I came to believe that this was true.

But due to being in business, I had to stretch myself and get creative too. Writing has always been an area that scared me. But I pushed myself and did it anyway, along with other creative ventures that have helped my business. And I have come to see that by changing this belief about myself, it has helped my business grow.  

So when people say to me “I’m too creative to be bothered with numbers”, I suggest that they reframe this thought and instead say “How can I learn about finances in a creative way so that I can build the business of my dreams?”.

Truly, I believe there is nothing more crippling to your creative work than worrying about money. If all this is in order, your creative juices have the room they need to flow.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What belief about money is holding you back from where you want to go? I’m so grateful for your contribution in the comments below. 

Sylvia Chierchia owns and runs Bountiful Bookkeeping. When she’s not banishing the bookkeeping overwhelm of business owners, Sylvia’s bringing her down-to-earth approach to money, her experience as a corporate Financial Controller, and her knowledge of NLP to her Bountiful Bookkeeping blog. Need to get a grip on your business finances? Go to